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Hire a guest to be about to retreat by pilfer continuously room landlord can neg
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Mr Han incoming telegram mirrors: I am a foreign worker worker, close in company of ridge of the horse in the lake with fellow-townsman last month leased a building. We just lived a month, room actually two by pilfer, we feel to live here go down inadequate security, prepare to take away so. But landlord refus does not return deposit, make a person very vexed.
Reporter investigation
At the beginning of this year July, mr Han mounds from Anhui in relief native place will to Xiamen work, he follows two fellow-townsman to find a rental room in company of ridge of the horse in the lake, hire is every months 1200 yuan. They put forward Mr Han at that time, live first a month looks whether cozily, landlord nods agree, additional collection Mr Han their 500 yuan cash pledge. Both sides is oral agreement only, did not sign written contract.
The house lives fell, be in the 5th day of occupy unexpectedly, mr Han comes home to discover amazedly in the evening, door by prize, house civil strife becomes. What what I hope is, mr Han they just moved in before long, there is what valuable in the room, thief is pilfer only gentleman walking along Han a pants that purchases newly.
This accident is small episode only it seems that, mr Han should enrage inherently, lay between a day to fade from his memory. However thief is after half month again " patronage " , the thief gimmick that comes this more " excellent " , door lock a bit does not have the mark that is passed by prize, after they come home, Mr Han sees room entrance door is opened wide only, the 21 吋 that they buy newly mansion China television disappears without trace.
"Firm occupy comes a month happened twice by pilfer incident, here is too insecure. " subsequently, mr Han finds landlord to reflect a condition, but landlord shows a pair of thing not to close personal about, said only " you go calling the police " no longer bother about. The flatlet gate that Mr Han asks landlord lives in him is added install an iron gate, suffer the rejection of landlord instantly.
After Mr Han and fellow-townsman discuss, think, since landlord cannot make sure belongings is safe, they are about to move out after the lease of a month is full. The day before yesterday in the morning, mr Han expresses clearly to landlord, they won't relet house, the requirement returns 500 yuan deposit. Landlord says however, it is OK to be not hired, but according to the convention, the house should be hired enough 3 months ability returns deposit, just live now a month returns a house, 500 yuan of cash pledge do not grant to return.
The day before yesterday towards evening, reporter with respect to this matter and landlord Mr Chen acquired connection. Mr Chen says, the course negotiated their both sides yesterday, he can return the person such as Mr Han only at most 400 yuan cash pledge, because the room is done very dirtily by tenement,that is, buckle 100 yuan below to want to ask a person to clean.
Lawyer argument
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