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The expert reminds: Autumn is decorated want already " anticreep water " want ag
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Damp summer just goes, the autumn goes to us again. Because woodiness plank is not easy get damp, coating, paint works easily, the gold that because this autumn is regarded as by people,decorates is seasonal. However dry weather also can give decorate bring a trouble. The personage inside course of study warns customer, autumn is decorated want already " anticreep water " want again " prevent suffer from excessive internal heat " .

Lumber foreclose

Autumn climate is dry, timber carry is entered after decorating the spot, want to avoid to be put in intake, and want do the processing that seal oil as soon as possible in the surface. Because right now timber is put in intake easy airing, the water inside lumber distributes meeting prediction of a person's luck in a given year, cause lumber appearance weather-shack, occurrence crackle. The process is decorated in autumn in, to high-grade facing board the wood that be like Ju also should do the processing that seal oil, in order to chain its embedded water is divided; Receive the wooden line of the edge to using as, the processing technique also is same, and should special attention. Because wooden line is real wood quality of a material, moisture content is higher than acting the role of face plate, if the moisture inside wooden line is missing, wooden line can appear contractive, be out of shape, affect the exterior that acts the role of face plate badly. Additional, in furniture maintain on, notice to prevent sun even point-blank, keep moist, often wax, avoid the problem such as good thing cut.

Let wallpaper " drink water "

Cloth of wallpaper, wall should be prevented dehydrate. What wall adornment of the family uses mostly now is cloth of coating or wallpaper, wall, this among them the application of cloth of wallpaper, wall increasingly extensive. In the summer, because air is humid, cloth of wallpaper, wall affixes in the shop is not very troublesome: After normal construction, open door window to make metope rapid work fully can. Compare with summertime photograph, cloth of autumn paper, wall should note more problem. Above all, because autumn climate is dry, must put in water to soak " of " filling water first before the shop is stuck so, brush glue shop to stick again next; Door window cannot be opened to make metope rapid work like the summer after the shop is good fully, do the wallpaper that lets firm shop extremely easily had been stuck to be blown to work by " draught " so, dehydrate thereby be out of shape. So, in autumn, the metope that sticks cloth of good wallpaper, wall wants natural dry in the shade.

House giving the home " protect wet "

Because season alternates, air humidity is different, the transition in the autumn and winter is so seasonal in, air can become drier. Appear easily at that time wooden floor is contractive, board with board between aperture is increased, metope and doorcase differ because of shrinkage the problem such as occurrence aperture. And of the room protect wet, can alleviate effectively not only dry bring decorate a problem, also have very big gain to human body health at the same time. What should maintain the environment that occupy the home is wet, common method is a water is put inside house. If want a few more beautiful, stylist suggests to put a few greenery in the bedroom, be like bracketplant, tiger end orchid, Lu Hui, ivy, maguey, they can release oxygen, assimilate the harmful substance such as formaldehyde, the adjustment with return can wet to working indoorly environment to rise certain at the same time action. Additional, the small home appliance of use humidifier and so on also can adjust well indoor moisture content, make air humid, make living feeling cozier. If a bit perfume or air are added in humidifier pure and fresh agent, can make there is sweet and relaxed aroma in the home.
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