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Building city lasts low fan live oneself the guest sells chummage room to live e
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Last in building city low confuse a circumstance to fall, some live oneself the guest is adopted sell only building to hire a room to live, city waiting for a building drops to the practice that average goes to again when trough.

Mr Cheng is in the subway has a two houses near station of Eden of a Xian Jinjiang two hall room, the average end 2006, go up when house price is top achieved 50% the left and right sides. From buy a house now, see house price rises all the way, mr Cheng laughs so that close not approach mouth, but last year since September house price all the way low fan, this room goes up nowadays already dropped 40% the left and right sides, he discusses with the wife, building town is small confuse estimation to be returned so that last for some time, still sold the house rapidly, hire a house to live, when eat when house price is again low into, earn the money of a wave band.

The example that uses up monitor gentleman is not general, but the person that has this kind of idea also is not individual. Nebula of Yang Pu area encloseds ground for growing trees an owner expressed to the reporter a few days ago, oneself have a two houses in this village two hall, it is his only housing. "Feel loan interest is too high now, still borrow very demanding, hear continue to drop even, want to sell oneself house. The reporter asks where he stays in, he says to the room is hired to live near consideration preexistence.

Still some live oneself guest, the plan takes the advantage of building city low fan " change downtown from the suburb " . For instance a friend of the reporter, this year 33 years old, before paragraph time, he room of oneself exclusive a property right -- the blue harbour of Long Ming road sold 1.3 million yuan, when comparing the average two years ago, rose many yuan 50. Hire him what the house lives now, seeking the room source with downtown appropriate region, "Live so that go to work too far no-go, take the advantage of the house of downtown also drops now, change downtown region. Anyway this house also earned 500 thousand yuan, was worth. Was worth..

Zhu Ping of analyst of faith real estate is smooth express, from the point of the statistic of this company, very rare client chooses to will cover a house sell one by one only, turn and rent. Although have, also be one person mostly satiate family's not hungry bachelor, the person of room having the home is average won't so do. The analyst also points out, now " buy be inferior to hiring " consciousness is being accepted by more and more people, but right only for a person buy a house from housing, will " wave band practice " introduce building city venture bigger, although of buying and selling is common housing, in 5 years in sell room tax cost and intermediary cost to wait to be in at least 8% the left and right sides, and cost of the tax that buy a house and intermediary cost be in at least 3% the left and right sides, that is to say, drop only at least 11% , operate ability so profitable, this still does not include the cost that rent a house, move the defray such as cost.
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