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False " landlord " cheat hire to run does the road rent a house how differentiat
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Mr Chen hires a room to be cheated, false landlord received hire to run; True landlord comes to collect rent, although intermediary orgnaization received intermediary to expend however evade responsibility. The area in the lake is industrial and commercial bureau 12315 warn customer at this point, hire a room to want to discern above all landlord true bogus.

Mediate the industrial and commercial personnel of this case to think, this case has typical sex, should cause the attention of businessman and consumer. Last year October, mr Chen introduces through limited company of marketing of estate of Xiamen flying sea, hire lotus 26 601 rooms in 5 villages Long Cheng. Press the contract that rent a house, mr Chen reachs 1000 yuan of cash pledge 3000 yuan to the hire that rents square Wang Changming paid a quarter, add up to 4000 yuan; Paid intermediary to expend 500 yuan to intermediary company at the same time.

Time passes very quickly, mr Chen is quite satisfactory to this house of hire, flash arrived to pay again when issueing a quarterly chummage, the chummage that Mr Chen pressed contract compasses to fall the 2nd quarter to Wang Changming surely 3000 yuan. Can have done not have a few days, your the thing that Mr Chen expect is less than happened, the landlord with this true house searchs come to come, ask Mr Chen or is taken away, or pays rent. This ability knows Mr Chen, wang Changming is false landlord.

After this, mr Chen and true landlord found limited company of marketing of estate of Xiamen flying sea, confirm true landlord and did not entrust this company intermediary to lease a building, in the meantime, mr Chen asks this company assumes liability to pay compensation, but be rejected by this company. Then, the area in Mr Chen Xiang Hu is industrial and commercial bureau 12315 complain.

Industrial and commercial personnel understands in mediation, limited company of marketing of estate of Xiamen flying sea is Wang Changming and building of Mr Chen intermediary to rent, collection intermediary cost, and tripartite signed a contract. Be versed in business personnel thinks, wang Changming is not true landlord, intermediary company makes false landlord introduction its are decieved accordingly to Mr Chen, intermediary square behoove assumes responsibility. Dan Feihai company did not pass this company to pay rent with Mr Chen for, reject to compensate for. On March 6, industrial and commercial personnel undertakes intercessory to both sides again, still did not reach consistent, be forced to stop mediation. Mr Chen expresses, will to forensic to lodge a complaint.

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