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Yang Chaobin: Property right problem should take seriously in the process that r
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The client is at present wait-and-see state of mind is stronger, and lasted for some time. Wait-and-see during do not buy a house, regular meeting leases a building, client or meeting are so more active. The market that rent it is better and better that I think to meet, especially Pearl River new city is gold a sector of an area, the comparison of office is much, it is a bit better last year that so this rents the market to be able to be compared next together.

The colleague is basic now be in order to hire only elementary course, good when a month can accomplish a person possibly 10 come piece hire sheet. But because now skill building dish more, and secondhand building dish did not drop again. Sum grumous wait-and-see mood, it is more very previously take carry out in order to hire to now in order to make work hire.

In the process that rent a house, what should take seriously with how more is property right problem, this is the important safeguard to the client, it is very important also that additionally the client's identity examines. If be in,hire during, defer pays rent, I feel is smaller business, go more easily mediating. If not be to involve involved legal issue, it is commonly go up according to the contract do, go mediating, also won't have feeling of what important matter.

But involve legal issue, we or need law department are carried out, and we can stand in indifferent square consideration these things.

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