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Prevent to reduce economy of the issue that rent a house to support action side
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At present the renting market of Beijing rents fastigium besides traditional graduate, be an Olympic Games again kick off, the landlord of Beijing people rise to the chummage during the Olympic Games be full of expectation, thereby the impact with not little to renting the market to also be formed on certain level Olympic Games. If where,the house that suits oneself to is hired to also be one catastrophe to inscribe with limited fund inside shorter time so. Relative to character, they economic actual strength is usually weaker, bear the hire cost with not small amount alone, have some of ability not equal to one's ambition really, because this understanding hires the necessary knowledge of the room and the corresponding problem that should note,be necessary very.
How to search the information that rent
The person that rent a house can contact the place such as media, network, newspaper to publish the issuance information that rent a house or the inquiry job that have hiring room information through intermediary company.
No matter pick which kinds of way on in order to, you need microscope lessor " building droit card " , to doing not have " building droit card " , you should be avoided talk; Additional, you still need to examine rental square " the building rents licence " , if the other side does not have this card, belong to break the law rent, and cannot get legal protection.
Look what should the room observe
It is when examining building state, undertake simple range estimation to the building first, treat its quality condition how, if building quality state not beautiful, rent is again low also must consider to abandon, because this is mattered to,live in the future in the process safe. In the meantime, pay close attention to door window mainly even, be like function of door of guard against theft how, the window is in good condition etc, if do not accord with safe requirement, can put forward to change to landlord, lest give wool the enemy,leave an opportunity given by. Checking circuit of report, canalage is already ageing, or the use that its design can satisfy high-power electric equipment, conduit whether unobstructed is waited a moment, it is the content that before be being entered, need enquires or oneself examine personally. If oversight, may bring a few needless troubles.
2 it is the configuration inside house. Basically reflect in respect of furniture home appliance, see them used fixed number of year to had exceeded formulary time limit, understand gas appliance, shower especially implement wait for the issue that the attention wants when using to wait a moment.
3 it is surroundings and form a complete set; Living environment is very important, examination house draws near driveway, market, put on the side of door window have dustbin, there is high-rise before the room that sees his be hired and affect daylighting to wait. How many of establishment of form a complete set of building periphery life, those who matter to the life is convenient degree, if be apart from the far and near of market, the trend of circumjacent and public transportation circuitry, supermarket, big sell the shopping establishment such as field, bazaar distributing, the stand or fall of condition of go to a doctor is waited a moment, it is the content that should pass preliminary understanding beforehand.
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