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Agree the former time that rent a house day roommate fall out hires a room to wa
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In former days fall out becomes the roommate enemy
In the Zhou Chan that same dormitory stays in in the university and Wang Xiaojia, feeling all the time very pretty good. Because hire room be related,can be, this one complete however to the good friend break with.
Last year 5, in June when, the Zhou Chan of fast graduation looks for Wang Xiaojia to close hire. Before long they find an enchanted room: Two rooms one hall, the regret of only is balcony amid inside a room, if wanting to sun clothes, want to must pass that room. Week Chan oversight this bit is insufficient, persuade Wang Xiaojia: "You live balconied, we are so ripe, won't no-go. " the chummage that they made half an year after a few days finds a place for come down.
Just can move in before long, encounter a trouble: Wang Xiaojia takes a boy friend to come back in the evening everyday pass the night, zhou Chan is used to again wash the dress in the evening, always want to pass their room so, open the door every time Zhou Chan always feels very awkward, she is afraid that small beautiful is grouchy feel embarrassed again say.
Letting Zhou Chan cannot be used to the thing that is driven beyond forbearance finally next still is following one by one. Zhou Chan has clean hobby, wang Xiaojia is an optional girl however, in the course of contacts, two worlds had crack gradually.
Eventually one day in the evening, wang Xiaojia says to Zhou Chan: "Was opposite, I pass two days to was about to take away. " Zhou Chan very astounded. Wang Xiaojia explanation says: "My boy friend bought a house in the home, want to let me lived together in the past, I can look for a person to renew the contract. " Zhou Chan knows perfectly well is excuse also is forced but face reality: "Good, had better be the classmate that looks for ourselves. "
The following day in the evening, wang Xiaojia beats Zhou Chan's door: "I had asked, classmates look for fine house. A colleague of my boy friend just is worn urgently seek a room, be willing to be moved, he is very frank, this you need not worry. " good-tempered week Chan listened to jump almost: "How does the schoolboy go, much inconvenience! " " that does not have method, I had promised a family. " Zhou Chan understands eventually, act first and report afterwards of original Wang Xiaojia, all thing she is early good with respect to arrangement, later Zhou Chan simply oneself look for a person to close hire. She says: "Hire a room to also want to had carried the roommate that get along, what be in an unfavorable situation otherwise still is him. "

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