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Little space plays a great variety to apply magic arts to let your spadger house
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As the grow in quantity of the insecurity of prospective land natural resources, young crowd that buy a house, small family emerge in large numbers is overwhelm, its decorate a design to making the central point that people pays close attention to. Although small family the room is not very big, and existence space pattern owes logical question, it is long and narrow form or irregular polygon mostly, this kind of space differentiates to often can create a kind of oppressive sense to household. Nevertheless, once pass the magic hand of stylist, you can discover: Resemble be out of shape here King Kong is same, contain is worn the originality space that you do not imagine.

What the home resides is perfect not be to rely on an area to measure, little space also can play a big trick. Face small bedroom, you need not abandon yourself " Dali thinks " . Hut although big house of be not a patch on is extravagant, but decorate through elaborate program, the space still can be enriched and comfortable freedom, the life still can be mixed very happily satisfied and clinking. In small scope of operation, how to build go on a journey to walk along the atmosphere of freely, let a space become open, Anacreontic, and still appear convenient and practical, of need is the imagination that you unruly jazzily and passion only the creativity of 4 excessive.

Art of spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else: Alternate neatly with partition opportunely

Fixed, inflexible metope is cut off, make easily small family the space appears more constraint. If want to let narrow space can reflect a function to distinguish already, do not appear crowded again, best method is to use partition opportunely, such cutting off gimmick can make the space produces continuity, still can make full use of space.

Use transparency to lie between screen, glass by force the door or it is plant, rich ancient frame, gauze Man, Zhu Lianlai replaces airtight partition wall, can increase the extensibility of eye shot not only, still bring the atmosphere of elegance of a kind of of primitive simplicity. And ark of the desk in furniture, chair, sofa, tea table, discretion, can use disjunctive space. Be like the room of a 15 square metre, use at receiving a visitor already, serve as a bedroom again, can be surrounded into a sitting room with sofa and short ark, will comprise a bedroom with short ark and bed.

Warmth sticks show: Illume of have the aid of is implemental, also can use lamplight to be partition, through using different illuminance, different light source, will break up dimensional design. In small family model in, regular meeting of this kind of design forms the dimensional effect that different light feels, have aesthetic feeling extremely.

Move moves art: Do a job with skill and ease of adjust measures to local conditions

Small family on dimensional arrangement most a lot of a few alterable layout, house allowing the home is decorated can adjust at any time according to need, the most convenient method chooses namely " portable " thing. If be a cabinet everywhere, can reduce the space of the life, as such as its, be inferior to buying a few can move neatly, can do metabolic household at any time, let a space become richer, interesting. And compared with the tradition smooth open the door, mobile sliding door can save a space more, especially the condole course design of nowadays popularity, use in the kitchen, ground course hides unlike easily before corrupt, cleanness rises very convenient.
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