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Chen Yibing is the dutiful son that gave a name the greatest desire is to give t
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Distance Tianjin sports center about 4 kilometers, take a taxi the pedagogic village village that 10 money can reach, it is the home that Chen Yibing's parents is in Tianjin. But since since will enter countrywide championship contest on May 4, chen Yibing also had not returned the home actually in, met 4 times hurriedly with parents only during the match. "Tonight my match, reckon pa Mom can be cheered, that can see. " before qualification of countrywide tounament rings is surpassed, just heat up hot Chen Yibing to express to the reporter. "After all this competition is very main still, be Olympic Games trials, be in charge of very severely in the team. I also cannot be used advocate of field. I also cannot be used advocate of field..

Tounament of this second whole nation and world cup China stand, what get attention rate as the Chen Yibing of Tianjin player is tall exceeded the figure of eldest brother level such as Li Xiaopeng, Yang Wei even, this also makes him a bit incommensurate. "Yang Wei, small roc the main character that they are organizations, because be in Tianjin,can be the match, everybody is spent to my attention a bit taller, the feeling is true still a little tired. " tired! This kind of sense is not new on Chen Yibing body, in the model of national group winter before this second contest, this " rings king " what undertake Beijing Olympic Games with all one's strength is final charge. "Before this match, I fully thin 2 kilograms, you see my present face, dimple turns wine into channel. Dimple turns wine into channel..

Mention every time coming Olympic Games, chen Yibing's heart already excited excited, "Look forward to an Olympic Games to come rapidly already, fear the Olympic Games comes too quickly again, oneself prepare not quite adequately. Total him hope can be developed on the Olympic Games the most perfect. " Chen Yibing says. Mention Olympic Games target, chen Yibing is very dependable, "The biggest rival is myself! Because I am uncontrollable adversary, for example, my rings difficulty is 7.4, I am impossible to control others to be able to be in only 7 the following. Can be over as far as possible only so the standard that the United States develops him, this is enough. This is enough..

The Chen Yibing that the new act that deduces oneself well prepares before contest did not think of him to be able to be one after another on laxative remedy occurrence error, in oneself the hour with the most depressed mood, parents gives Chen Yibing huge support. After qualification of rings of world cup man is surpassed, the Zhang Xiuzhi of spot view battle sees the son appears again when leaving law error, gave Chen Yibing to send a short message designedly after contest: Self-confidence cannot shake, believe oneself! The Chen Yibing that returns guesthouse sees this short message that the mother sends, there is inarticulate to touch in the heart. "This is my parents first the game that the spot watchs me to serve as national champion, I hope to use my perfect show particularly, the progress that yields them to see me and rise. In hour of my confidence occurrence oscillatory, the mother that knows me gives me very big encouragement, although with respect to this short a few words, but the thing that says expression is very a lot of more. But the thing that says expression is very a lot of more..
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