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Guideline of off-season buy course of study: Be to take advantage of a favorable
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Guideline of off-season buy course of study: Be to take advantage of a favorable situation clean out a room or continue wait-and-see?

Building city is off-season, general buy course of study person metropolis choice manages money wait-and-see, change in order to watch the market further. Look from more far-reaching angle however, off-season it is much better buy job opportunity, price of adequate room source, house appears become loose, everything is in make clear, buy a house right now more substantial. There also is a view each to this inside course of study of course, support is off-season nevertheless the person that buy a house is occupied much.

Investor: Clutch buy a house, defer sell a house

Hua Wei of associate professor of research center of Fudan University estate

Estate still is one is in long-term type of role at present, oneself anticipation should be adjusted first before buying a house. But, the grows to also must rise through a helix contrail of estate, because this buys a house,also need to search allow an equal opportunity. Additional, the growth of house property has name to go up and go up actually, if of the house go up under inflation, that house also attributes descendent situation. Young buys a house not should eager for quick success and instant benefit, covet effort of a few years can bear one ring room, although this kind of circumstance is in the developed country is not actual also, more what is more,the rather that China. In market of Shanghai house property the industry that is a rapid development more, because this counts on it to appear to drop considerably, it is impossible. To young buy course of study person for, buy a room not to ask one pace reachs the designated position, can choose stair to rise, little room can choose when capacity is still light, after rising as economic capacity, improve oneself housing stage by stage again. To in for the person that high end invests buy course of study, the proposal is " clutch buy a house, defer sell a house " , the wait-and-see situation that looks anteroom produces the market after all is created by governmental policy, of current and macroscopical policy spend closely had reached the summit, the policy of market of any benefit good house property comes on stage, building city can rebound.

In addition, clinch a deal at present the quantity glides those who created house property market is off-season, the choice of the person that buy a house relative to busy season talk is a lot of bigger, because this clutchs,the present opportunity that buy a house appears particularly important.

In shrink of annulus house price, purchase the right season or time
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