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The Olympic Games kicks off short hire the price to fall half
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"Olympic Games weak point is hired " also began to time, its hire price not only did not draw near along with Olympic Games time bullish, instead all the way plumper. Come from each intermediary and building to rent the information of the website shows, the month that at present Olympic Games weak point rents a house hires the price to drop achieve generally 5 into, still have the tendency that continues to drop.
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Begin from last year, olympic Games weak point is hired begin hot capital, numerous house property draws near the house-owner of Olympic Games place expects to take Olympic Games express train or bus, win pay of high specified number. However, be apart from a week of Olympic Games opening inadequacy, numerous short hire a room to had be notted find rent a settle or live in a strange place, hire price also is bold and flowing, drop achieve generally 5 into. The information that comes from intermediary of some house property shows, once what lunar hire controls in 20 thousand yuan is short rent a house, want 8000 yuan to be able to be hired only now below.

[silver-colored rate] the expert thinks, olympic Games weak point hires hire to glide considerably, because house-owner expects to short-term income,be exorbitant, the price is made unreasonable. Exorbitant price was held back a lot of rent a settle or live in a strange place, bring about them to turn and seek other short-term living way; 2 because the source of hotel hotel room of Beijing is at present adequate,be, the price is reasonable, can satisfy the requirement of great majority tourist; And the most important is, major country tourist cannot be accepted short those who rent a house is long costly case, and the foreign visitor that numerous house-owner expects criterion more the living means that is used to hotel guest room, this brings about Olympic Games weak point to hire serious supply exceeds demand.

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