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Overmatch constant Jianggeyamumen is high-key appear on the market (graph)
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Overmatch constant Jianggeyamumen is high-key appear on the market (graph)
Group of big subfamily ability adds up to Yamumen celebration of formal put into production and spot of plenary meeting of first channel business

On August 28, "Join elegant win-win the world hand in hand -- group of big subfamily ability adds up to Yamumen celebration of formal put into production and plenary meeting of first channel business " in Jiangsu Dan Yang is held. From this, of rich and powerful family of one's previous experience " add up to Yamumen " high-key appear at field of Chinese timber retail sales.

Add up to be subordinate to of elegant wood door to belong to group of big subfamily ability, this group is had at present big inferior man-made board, emperor resembles the well-known trademark such as furniture of annual ring of life of Kang Shu floor, emperor like floor, emperor, by what industry of Chinese forest products calls inside course of study " aircraft carrier " , company sales revenue amounted to 10.9 billion yuan 2008. Stem from optimize industrial structure further, promote the strategy of group whole competition ability demand, at the beginning of 2008 march formally wooden door industry is rolled out " close elegant " wooden door brand. "Add up to Yamumen " high-key appear, group of adumbrative big subfamily ability will be made as early days exert oneself big inferior furniture of annual ring of life of floor of elephant of man-made board, emperor, emperor is same, make add up to Yamumen to make the another pillar brand of the group.

According to introducing, add up to early days of elegant wood door to always be thrown in all 210 million yuan. Current, plant area covers an area of a face to accumulate 120 thousand square metre, workshop area 60 thousand much square metre. Its product covers 5 old series (solid Mu Fu adds up to health of series of series of series, oak real wood, the paint that mix water, ecology series of real wood of series, log) a few kinds of design, represented the popular trend of high-grade product in domestic timber door. Through be less than the trial production of 3 months, wooden door crop already amounted to 6000, agency already amounted to close a hunderd schools. Predict to add up to Yamumen to will achieve nearly 100 thousand sale goal smoothly to the end of 2008. 2009 second half of the year, should build 2 period project, with automata degree higher equipment expands quickly produce can, achieve those who produce per year window of door of 900 thousand woodiness to produce can standard. The target of the 3rd pace, it is to pass other way to expand quickly produce can, achieve produce per year 150-180 the yield of window of door of 10 thousand woodiness can.

Chinese lumber is current statistic of committee of major of association wood door, 2004, mixed 2005 total production value of Chinese wood door was 17 billion yuan respectively 2006, 24 billion yuan mix 32 billion yuan, year increase rate is respectively 41.7% , 41.1% with 33.3% . Came to exit was measured 2006 and export the specified number 2004 year increase rate all exceeds 25% , exit forehead is achieved respectively 225 million dollar, 349 million dollar and 494 million dollar. Breakthrough of wooden door total production value closed 40 billion yuan greatly 2007, exit forehead realizes 600 million dollar. Occupy market survey result additionally to make clear, only industry of window of domestic timber door year market demand near future will exceed 60 billion yuan of RMBs, giant market vacuum will help the development that uses this trade further.
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