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Whether attestation of industry of environmental protection furniture desultoril
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"Because furniture industry manages a disorder, the standard is differ, although consumer purchases what choose when furniture,be environmental protection product so, buy actually also the thing that may not is real environmental protection, " a senior expert inside domestic furniture industry expresses, "At present some furniture standards are occupation standard, have a plenty of a place to pledge the standard of inspect section provision is waited a moment. Some places execute sampling observation, some places are executed send check. Detect by such one paper only report, how can you judge a product eligible? "

According to homebred furniture brand Dong Wenlong of the controller that stride hertz introduces, in our country " interior decoration decorates material adhesive in harmful material set limit to " (in GB18583-2001) standard, left xylene of + of formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, TDI and TVOC to all make set limit to set to adhesive middle reaches, however " in wooden furniture harmful material set limit to " in the formaldehyde that asks check-out console material is medium only releases a quantity, and xylene of + of the free formaldehyde that did not ask pair of adhesive are medium, benzene, toluene, TDI and TVOC undertake detecting. Stem from above reason, furniture manufacturer releases a quantity according to the formaldehyde in plank only one detects the qualification of data, think oneself product is environmental protection furniture.

The expert thinks, solving furniture to pollute the key of dispute is the change detects method, edit check mark is accurate, dress to international standard as far as possible. Already the group of mattress of German TUV Lai of settle Shanghai, it is safety of test of the independence on international, product and character and the authority that run a system. Be in Europe, see when consumer the GS that contains design of beauty of Rhine blue triangle indicates or Q indicates, that expressed to have the safety that Lai mattress approbates and quality, that also means environmental protection and security. Group of China of mattress of German TUV Lai shows about chief: "Detecting on the method, can use law of environmental experiment cabin to to furniture those who kill material is release undertake chroma checks. " a few developed countries such as the United States had used method of environmental experiment cabin (climate case law) replaced desiccator method, cabin of experiment of Chinese large environment checks a technology to mature already basically, the result that uses law of this one party to reach can be close to furniture to use the harmful material below the state actually to release a circumstance more.

Had passed the furniture striding hertz of test of group of mattress of German TUV Lai, obtained the highest attestation of international furniture environmental protection. Dong Wenlong thinks, at present domestic furniture industry should edit as soon as possible active " in wooden furniture harmful material set limit to " standard, want to press a standard to undertake contaminative detecting to finished product furniture not only, and should wait for wooden furniture to paint, adhesive relevant data undertakes contaminative monitoring. "Should will " interior decoration decorates coating of material dissolvent carpentry in harmful material set limit to " , " standard of indoor air quality " , " wooden furniture is medium harmful material set limit to " , " interior decoration decorates material -- the formaldehyde in man-made board and its goods is released. The standard is only uniform, ability pushs the promotion of level of domestic furniture environmental protection quite. Ability pushs the promotion of level of domestic furniture environmental protection quite..
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