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Home of foreign thick outfit installs a company to be faced with final examinati
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The country is advanced build housing " clothbound is repaired " policy lets all along in order to come loose a road before holding a firm to serve the home of the object is narrow, the sweet pastry that must come from inside tool company hand originally was gone to by tool industry recapture again. On the forum August 20, president Chen Hui faces Yi Richeng east " clothbound repairs " admit helplessly: "We had not gotten ready, we need time. "
Of Chen Hui but the idea that refracts a mass brand home to hold a firm: Want to be close to " clothbound is repaired " , but do not think be enslaved to be enslaved to develops business again, promote enterprise whole actual strength and development trade only " be on an equal footing " , offer individuation to decorate please consumer at the same time, ability is bold lay a finger on " clothbound is repaired " . However, more or less can the market install company put apart to plan time to the home? Is domestic outfit company how old does degree suit " is clothbound repaired " ?
The home installs a company to be faced with final examination
"Clothbound is repaired " , the business that this belongs to tool industry originally because " clothbound quality is too poor " condemn repeatedly by consumer, will a few years be fallen into disuse to go out by the market almost bureau, accomplished the home to install the company's brilliant market outstanding achievement from this. And the country publishs relevant provision about the branch recently, will advance in building housing in the round " clothbound is repaired " , for a short while, the home installs a company to face awkward situation.
Face " clothbound is repaired " , how should be domestic outfit company done? The speak bluntly of summit president Zhang Jun of course of study " abandon " , "We do not play with development business, play do not rise " . This can'ts help making a person anxious: The house is major clothbound, does the home install a company what to money still earn?
Easy day fills president Chen Hui east besides be anxious is helpless: "We are tool one's previous experience originally, deep know well among them way to do sth, we cannot be done now ' clothbound is repaired ' , but we are preparing all the time, when when the market is mature, we are mothball ' world-class factory ' the design that reachs individuation can be satisfied certainly ' clothbound is repaired ' demand. "
With Zhang Jun " play not to rise " He Chenhui " still preparing " different is, bo Luoni and sunshine 100, 10 thousand divisions are landed (business special administrative area, the building below the banner dish) wait for development business to already was contacted intimately for many times, sunshine building of share of new city of 100 Tianjin international dish cooperate completely with Boluoni, make piece brand-new " room of clothbound of rich guest space " . Although 100 presidents Yi Xiaodi is opposite sunshine,bilateral collaboration foreground is forecasted anounce a smile, claim " decide by Boluoni completely " , but domestic outfit company sees the weak power position before development business from whole, let them be in necessarily " clothbound " there is a final examination before agitation.
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