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Foreign capital enters Chinese estate market to pay close attention to 23 lines
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After occupying Olympic Games of report of Xinhua News Agency, chinese building city moves toward the central point that makes people attention again. According to Shanghai 5 add up to wisdom library statistic, only this year first quarter, the foreign capital that Shanghai estate company obtains invests amount to reach 440 million dollar, occupy 32.6% what foreign capital invests amount first quarter. Zhao Xijun of assistant director of finance of Chinese people university and negotiable securities institute says, today bright two years, the key that foreign capital pays close attention to still is 23 lines city. Foreign capital carries metabolic channel, buy property, lend 23 lines a variety of gimmick such as the city, enter Chinese real estate quickly.

A few days ago, design an office by German LTK, 5 add up to international to build design group, Shanghai continent couplet group appears the 5 joint-stock orgnaizations crossing a state that add up to the 6 big orgnaizations such as wisdom library to be comprised jointly formally. Recombine this to be thought by industry, orgnaization of the investment outside the condition is right of Chinese estate market intervene deeper and deeper.

After the property that crosses one billow high in one billow buys upsurge, the attention of foreign capital begins to develop a field from estate stage by stage outspread serve to property management, intermediary, rent manage and the business such as financial investment. (editor: Hear Fang Sibao)

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