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Changchun media is cast piece " cost Zhang " the person that buy a house remains
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A month comes, each media rolls out Changchun all sorts of reports, opinion on public affairs and data, try to explain " Changchun is not Shenzhen " , house price does not have space of how many be issued to lower levels, in order to do away with the market wait-and-see mood, but consumer still " not buy it " .
Media of some estate major is opposite Changchun the estate cost of the Changchun City undertook " liquidation " , synthesize this waiting for to undertake calculative result is to land cost, construction cost and put together, a price 4000 yuan / the building of square metre dish, embellish of the gross profit before duty is in 450 yuan / square metre, deduct the tax payment such as business tax, earnings gain is 396 yuan / square metre, if calculate again,go up income tax and capital cost, profit space is less. "Anyhow, house price is not to fall to cross what this passes cost. " in the light of a few person that buy a house price of hope Changchun house falls to come to 3500 yuan 3000 yuan of the following desires, this media reachs finally such conclusion.
Still have medium senior personage is written civil with marriage love do than, arouse the person that buy a house moves to buy a house. This literary works is good fine house assimilate to man, say " the body good, quality prospect is good, good ' 3 good men ' be to won't become stock commonly, during your hesitation hesitates, likelihood younger sister of adjacent wife and children moved " , because of this appeal " found good person to be married, found fine house to be bought. While asset keeps a cost, what still can enjoy high quality living life to bring as early as possible is pleased... " .

Nevertheless, the person that buy a house is right this not show respect for. The large investigation that Changchun buys room net to roll out " whether do you buy 2008 second half of the year room " , questionnaire findings shows, the citizen of 53% thinks price of house of Changchun of second half of the year can fall certainly; The person of 20% thinks to keep changeless; Only the person of 12% thinks regular meeting goes up. Investigation makes clear at the same time, 2008 second half of the year, the person of 22% decides not to buy a house; The person selected choose of 46% continues to manage money wait-and-see.
Hold depreciate the netizen fight back of the viewpoint " cost is talked " say, "House price is decided by cost not only, decide by supply demand relations more. Before half an year, the keep long in stock in the development business hand of Changchun too much house did not move, and if these houses want pass the winter, the loss that develops business may be even bigger than depreciating, so, want consumer to be held out only, changchun house price can fall for certain in second half of the year. "
Also the consumer with relatively rational part thinks, from field of reopen after a cessation of business discretion of price talking about a room does not have a meaning, supply and demand decides an outcome, if think present house price exceeded high,bear ability, and not be badly in need of housing now, do not buy with respect to of short duration, if anxious buy a house, buy with respect to what alternative price has compared. (man autumn is red)
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