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Manhadu house price " sluggish goes up " American estate is final fort or fall
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Although the depression of American estate is in,go 3 years ceaseless aggravate, dan Man breaths out an estate market to appear to was not affected. With the whole nation price of other area house breaks down different, price of this region house continues rocket, the sale rises sharply, the person that project of new block of flats always has a certain number of contest bid. Very long period of time, manhadu's estate is in with the form with characteristic itself movement. But more and more evidence make clear, the fort this finally also will collapse possibly.
Numerous evidence makes clear, the one office tower with American estate last market, the base area of extravagant and landed market -- Manhadu estate is about to collapse. The data of Miller Samuel shows, price of 2 quarters house produces Manhadudi not only backwater, still appeared to go backwards even. On quarter average price of Manhadu drops to 1.7 million dollar, than drop first quarter 3% . Of beach housing depreciate range is bigger even, its price median falls from the 825 thousand dollar last year to 735 thousand dollar, fall amount to 11% .
The winter of plute area comes accidentally
Pamela Lehmann expresses the presiding apparitor of the estate group Corcoran Group with the biggest new York: "Two years ago, you move a few brick to be put in kitchen and bathroom to decide a value casually, can cause war of price of a contest. Purchaser feels however now, the house that wants today, possible tomorrow meeting cheapens. "
Corcoran expresses, its hottest on the tradition estate season, the sale of the 2nd quarter issues defeat considerably 38% , achieve 5 years new low. In addition, of beach housing clinch a deal the quantity suffers blow the 4th year continuously. The 2nd quarter sold 576 only, with photograph comparing dropped last year 29% .
The analyst points out, as record-breaking as market of Newyork city house property compared 2007, eye anteroom price falls extent is not very big. But can hold the share with annual quite large sale normally considering sale of the 2nd quarter, still cause the price to appear to rise considerably, right now occurrence retrogression must let a person be worried for American housing market.

Besides sales volume and price fall, the time that the residence keeps in the market is longer also. Report of Miller Samuel of company of rate of estate of new York residence says, will arrive in April from this year in June, estate registers the average time of for sale to be 135 days, than last year the corresponding period lengthened 3 weeks. Lehmann expresses: "We are experiencing cycle -- the product will be stayed in the cycle at the market. In such market, have the space that err hardly. "
Financial escape in disorder is a culprit
The expert thinks, wall street is cast escape in succession all right estate market is the culprit that causes the market to collapse in the round. If do not have the amortize of wall street financial capacity, the pressure that economy of American other area puts delay is early begin to affect Manhadu.
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