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Nanning the first batch of 650 units this year, low-cost housing delivery from
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29 journalists from Nanning City of housing security and the Housing Authority has learned that this year the first batch of 650 sets of Nanning City has delivered low-cost housing. At present, Nanning has also completed more than 1,000 low-rent housing units with rent outstanding work. Nanning Office of housing security and Housing Authority, a responsible person said, Nanning this year completed a total of 2,200 low-rent housing units, has delivered the first batch of Nanning City is located in low-rent housing Friendship Road, Nanning City, the district covers an area of 40,700 square meters, the total number of 1056 units, of which 336 Bedroom sets, each area of 40 square meters; Erfangyiting 720 sets, each covering about 50 square meters. In addition, another district of Nanning City, nearly 1,000 sets of low-cost housing projects have been completed. At present, Nanning City of housing security and the Housing Authority is to carry out low-rent housing with rent work. The person in charge of security objects according to family economic status and rental units, Nanning, the delivery of low-rent housing monthly rent ranging from 60 -100 dollars, much lower than the local rental prices. At present, Nanning 3 delivery of low-cost housing estate, about the use and acceptance of delivery there are six under construction, low-rent housing projects.
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