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The commercial estate of 4 kinds of types is worth investment
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From the real-estate industry analysis of nowadays, when the residence kind estate encounters cold current, commercial estate invests the market to will greet a spring, an article " the golden age of commercial real estate has come " showed this kind of point of view already adequately. Nevertheless Chinese countryman all through the ages has assentation the abuse that follow suit, "One beehive " the phenomenon is very serious, where heat emerges where, where somebody is making a noise to be able to clean out gold, then everybody sets out really pan goes, the habit of this kind of echo what other says, let many people have bitter taste, work laboriously worked not to say, in the end even compensate the madam is folded again arms, incessantly of complain of suffering. Who can you blame? The head that can blame oneself only grows to go up in the head of others.
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With the residence kind estate photograph is compared, the investment of commercial real estate wants complex many, this main reason depends on, commerce is landed besides having estate property, more important, still be the commercial attribute because of it, evaluate integratedly what traverse two fields only, ability decides whether a project is worth investment, consequently, invest commercial real estate, besides the relevant knowledge that must master estate to invest, it is good that the total business environment of landed to commerce project needs to have profundity understands ability. Below, hill remote atelier with be opposite in recent years the summary of respect of commercial real estate, offer 4 kinds of commercial estate products that have appreciation latent capacity relatively to offer investor reference. These 4 kinds of commerce house property that are worth investment are: One, small family office building; 2, hotel type apartment; 3, community business shop; 4, shop of business of professional terminal market.

In recent years small family office building becomes investment to be bestowed favor on newly, basically have two respects reason, one, the development of domestic economy is ecbolic a large number of small and medium sized business, these companies are not high to the requirement of office space, area from 60 square metre -- the requirement that the office space of 400 square metre can satisfy them basically; 2, from June 19, 2006 door of Beijing The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is issued " about from severe the announcement that examines abode to use proof document " , the residential building that makes so that the major medium and small businesses of Beijing lost hire at that time relatively cheap reachs the office condition such as the commercial building, immediately is in city of line of just a little of countrywide each district also photograph add rolls out relevant policy. Both neither can handle official bussiness inside residential building, cannot assume the hire with costly office building again, nature of small family office building became the optimal way that solves difficult problem of office of medium and small businesses. From in recent years development prices looks, small family office building not only sale status is favorable, in the meantime, the tenement on the market that rent resourceful, hire rises steadily.
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