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Guangzhou appears 20 thousand dynast pays becoming owner is sales promotion or s
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"Hand in 20 thousand yuan to you can cast off him career that hire a slave buy course of study? " the Xiaozheng that just works 2 years saw some building dish can't help becoming really interested after conduct propaganda is odd.
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"60 thousand yuan are entered " , " 20 thousand dynast pays do host " , open the newspaper of Guangzhou now, all sorts of conduct propaganda signal that let a person become really interested attack head on, among them of the most absorbing eyeball should belong to at present the most popular on the market " send head pay " sales promotion.

Once because come out namely with " the price under price fixing room " and start shooting is famous spent period is candied, rolled out again recently " 20 thousand dynast pays do host " sales promotion. The reporter calls this building with buying a capacity dish sale hot line, the staff member expresses, the means of afore-mentioned sales promotion buys the home to pay a period money of 10% to give development trader first. Sign an agreement with development business next, the agreement fills 20% the rest of period moneys inside 3 months complete. And as a result of this dishes most subsection is controlled in many yuan 20, because of this brushstroke head period money should hand in 20 thousand yuan to be able to sign contract of the room that order only.

"This is method of a sales promotion, actually head pay or should pay 3 into. Just buy the home to be able to more time raises money a period money, suit very much to the youth. " the salesperson says. "The practice of times candy was to hit an edge ball actually, want to did not sign formal contract only, the bank does not have loan, do not calculate violate active credit policy. " Central Plains is landed (guest of rich of Central Plains real estate | Place produces news in) Huang Tao of general manager of Guangdong project department says. Actually of business of a lot of development low head paying sales promotion basically is to collect a person to enrage, the owner that picks this kind of way truly is very few. "The times is for instance candied, also chose with respect to 70 many owner the sort of pay a paid means in installment, hold sum total 25% the left and right sides. Hold sum total 25% the left and right sides..

The reporter develops business not less to be in understanding to arrive from Guangzhou, actually this plants development business " reduce head pay " the gimmick of sales promotion, rich force is landed (business special administrative area, the building below the banner dish) and flower house of beauty of astral predestined relationship is early this year Spring Festival hind already became forerunner. And as Guangzhou market clinch a deal the volume drops continuously, more and more development business begin to enter this one range.
The annulus city of real estate of rich at that time power on the west Lu Mou building dish end goods with " enter east wind 110 thousand yuan on the west annulus city on the west property of subway along the line " as conduct propaganda, according to this building dish salesperson the view at that time, buy the home to be in when signing a contract, need only first pay part head period money, others can divide 9 months to a year to be hit to the account that develops business by the month, and develop business pay for sb and expect to be repaid later head pay not plan accrual. According to this means, at that time a of lowest of 700 thousand yuan of units head pay need 110 thousand yuan only (head the flourishing center region that pays scale to be 16%) to be able to enter Guangzhou tradition easily about. The building that type of this one party is rich force quickly dish brought exuberant person to enrage.
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