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The bank has no right to ask to offer owner one-time settle room is borrowed
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A few days ago, shenzhen building city " break for " first banks after tide causes industry to pay close attention to sue owner one case delay is sessional. Although the accused hopes to reconcile with bank respect before open a court session, but the conditional difference that both sides raises is very big. Lawyer of the accused representative introduces: "The bank offers 3 kinds of program, or pays off loan entirely, or mortgages the building 2 times or borrow money again after the reappraise return money, that is the financing burden that increases the accused more. " (on August 6 " Shanghai negotiable securities signs up for " )
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Accuser the attitude is so tough, removing those who decide action still is its interior system. Basis " loan of housing of individual of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China runs way " , if borrower did not plan to remand by the reimbursement that the contract agrees loan principal and interest, the bank can call in part or full loan. The problem is, the credit risk that the bank can be on guard to steep fall and be brought about by building city at every turn with measure of this kind of extreme?

Basis " loan of housing of individual of Chinese people bank runs way " , borrower does not remand on schedule of loan principal and interest, put borrow a person to should press Chinese people bank " loan general rule " concerned regulation, find out responsibility of breach of contract to borrower. And " loan general rule " in although stipulate borrower does not press a contract to set pay off,borrow money of principal and interest, put borrow a person to be able to call in ahead of schedule part or full loan, but premise must be " the clue is particularly serious " . And the borrower in this case hopes actively not only and bank respect is reached reconcile, in " break for " during still " returned a bank hard 40 thousand yuan " , can this calculate " is the clue particularly serious " ?

More important is, " loan general rule " make prevenient, " loan of housing of individual of Chinese people bank runs way " make after. " loan general rule " when making, still borrow money without occurrence individual housing, hold usurer break a promise at that time, all in order to borrow money one-time when expiring whether on schedule sum reimbursement is accurate. And individual housing loan is loan, put in repayment of capital 's charge to cease in installment, bank respect only by a few " break for " , hold borrower overall break a promise, too overbearing rather. The accused although " did not provide principal and interest of pay off loan by loan contract " , but amount of break a contact of this kind of reimbursement is confined to the month that already expired to offer a share, the bank should be chased after denounce also can chase after to borrower only denounce principal and interest of this part loan.

The essence of the problem depends on, the bank depends on his " clause of Xiang Yu the Conqueror " the advantage that forms with place of relevant policy lag, will ought the risk marry again that oneself assume arrived below usurer body.
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