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The youth buys marriage house, want to abide by specific principle
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Olympic Games year marry the number soars. Show according to data of website of Wuhan city statistic, 2007, whole town 20-30 year old population amount is 2.07 million, 23% what occupy 8.91 million total population of whole town, compare with the 1.73 million photograph 2006, increased 19.7% . The personage is analysed related city statistic bureau, suffer on century 80 time the influence of the 3rd baby boom, henceforth a few years, whole town 20-30 year old population scale will rise further. Buy a house, became these comfortable marriage a group of things with common features the first class important matter of the crowd.
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Marry love and house knot are fit

Zhao Xiaoyan comes from Henan, the earnest wish that there is stand out after the university graduates stays in Wuhan, currently hold the post ofthe sectional manager of enterprise of science and technology of smooth Home Guyi.

This year in August, she should marry, she and the husband that did not come bought the house of a 110 much square metre in Guang Gu. Of Zhao Xiaoyan praise highly is city of village place oneself, what can feel country however is halcyon; Luxuriantly green of village green meaning, roam among them as strolling at the garden; The house is connected roomily fully, sit inside the room to be able to see white cloud blue sky; Indoor air is fresh, in relief light energy is aspersed full each corner... of course, money also does not have little flower, and borrowed a lot of.

See in Zhao Xiaoyan, marry, should have oneself house. Our newspaper " the beauty sees room group " a lot of sister think, in the society of this materialize, to the woman, without the house, love always is met bare and outer, suffer wind to get rain. Reality is brutal, it because do not have what comparing,live is more important to because do not have what comparing,live.

Netizen " arrange its nature " say to the reporter: "The woman is the animal that least safety feels, they need a mew to keep out wind and rain, of course, in this Chao Li, photograph immerse can make this mew more good with the love of foam with warmth, if do not have, at least oneself still have a home, one can be in be harmed alone the home that cure hurts. So, the home is the premise condition that the wife lives is mixed rely on a condition, and marriage must build the base that is in the home. And marriage must build the base that is in the home..

More females think, the woman is 25 years old before is to be married of love, just be to be married after 25 years old of the house. And best means is, marry the knot of love and house is fit, and not be house or love only.

  Lift two force to also want to buy marriage house

Should youth otherwise buy marriage house? How to buy marriage house? Cheng Lianying of president of company of estate of Wuhan Hunan grand thinks, nowadays, the parent meets such wanting commonly, the daughter is married after going out, live together with parents of the other side, get used to the other side, can be in an unfavorable situation. Be in an unfavorable situation to do not let oneself daughter, so general requirement man buys marriage house. Present singleton female, won't include more very much, after marrying, want to be adjusted slowly in oneself house, the society includes the other side. Live together with parents, the meeting is very no-go, to woman father and mother, also can feel not dependable.
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