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You must know! Return a house! The house can be returned below 10 kinds of circu
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At present 10 kinds of circumstances fall, the person that buy a house can return the house, get back house money and the loss with corresponding claim for compensation.
The article by urban hunt the room is made up

The first, defer makes a room. Defer makes a room was to point to development business is in what agree in the contract to make a room with the person that buy a house in the future, cannot get those who develop business to enter an announcement tardy however. The extends late delivery building to be able to return a house deadline of general agreement is 30 days differ to 90 days.

The 2nd, development business is lacked effective certificate and batch civil, bring about a contract to disable. According to the regulation, development business must all ready ability builds certificate building, sell a house. If development business papers is not complete, belong to illegal operation, the contract that signs with the person that buy a house belongs to invalid contract.

The 3rd, development business did not agree to change a design via buying room person. In the person that buy a house and the contract that develop business to sign, before agreeing development business is designed in change commonly, must agree through buying room person. Otherwise, development business makes break a promise, the person that buy a house has authority to return a house.

The 4th, do not take property right testimony. Because develop the reason of business, the person that buy a house cannot get property right card inside the deadline that the contract agrees, if agree this condition can return a house, the person that buy a house can ask to return a house.

The 5th, cannot get loan. When signing a contract, outside dividing lump-sum payment or instalment, have pair of business loan or the agreement that accumulation fund borrows money. If be accumulation fund loan, need development business goes the 6th, area of actual measurement building and of short duration measure the error of the area to exceed 3% . The new edition contract that will enable on March 15 this year sets, set inside floor area error is exceeded than absolute value 3% when, vendee has authority to return a house. This broke through what be measured before by floor area " convention " .

The 7th, building off quality. Building off quality is a building " hurt forcedly " , appear this kind of circumstance, it is to develop business to be taken hard above all " complete puts on record watch " , cannot make a room. Or after building consign is used, check of nucleus of classics of tractor dry mass of building principal part is belonged to truly unqualified.

The 8th, foundation of commodity house foundation and classics of main body tractor dry mass detect unqualified, vendee has authority to return a house. This is the provision of new edition contract that will enable on March 15 this year, vendee returns a house, betray a person to ought to be returned already paid entirely, pay interest, cause losing to vendee by betray a person to assume liability to pay compensation.
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