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How can you just sell a good price the house? Need to hold 6 secret
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Investigation shows, the person sell a house that more than 6 is become is right of the house clinch a deal the price is dissatisfactory. How can you just sell a good price the house? Recently, expert of industry having place reminds house-owner, the house wants price of curry favor with, need holds 6 action secret:
The article is arranged by editor of urban hunt room, turn

The first action: Do not fix a price to the house with experience estimation

When the building trades, the focus of buyers and sellers is centered on house price, house-owner always feels the price already arrived bottom line, can buy the home however unluckily not feel grateful. Accordingly, before selling a house, be a house to do an exact value to evaluate is very necessary. The factor that affects house price has a lot of, and house-owner people use experience to come mostly however estimation house price, the house price of such appraise numerate contains very large obscure part, assure very hard to sell a room the optimization of accrual.

Quality of form of time of situation of the situation of residence of principal and subordinate of room of proposal of buy industry expert, transportation, building, building, construction, room structure, property manages, 9 respects such as establishment of form a complete set of community environment, life, 60 multinomial index will undertake all-around evaluation to the house. Next, consult with area the current and average price of congener residence is mixed current state of supply and demand, calculate a price of one individual character to compare the price space of optimization for the house. To house-owner, this is flexibly price space; And to buying the home for, this is a reasonable price space. It is a foundation with such price space, the house can sell a good price not only, and still can sell more easily go out.

The 2nd action: "Xi Shi goes out in lover eye "

Current and secondhand the dominant advantageous position that the supply demand relations of room market decided house price masters in house-owner hand, but what draw out money finally still is to buy the home. Common saying says, xi Shi goes out in lover eye, the house accords with the demand that buys the home more, house-owner also can sell more piece flexibly the price. Accordingly, want to sell a good price the house, searching is crucial to buying the home. Alleged search to buying the home, of the characteristics need that finds those family life namely and house taste what photograph characteristic suits each other to buy the home. Want to accomplish this, should make clear above all oneself house fits what kind of domesticity characteristics and need most; Make clear again next having such demand sell the home to basically distributing it is in what group; Find them finally, sell them the house. Such, differentiate through having correct group to buying the home and locate, house-owner can find what value him building most " that one " , seed allowing a room shows " Xi Shi goes out in lover eye " the effect.
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