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Capture " bullish model " - building city wanders period the unique skill that b
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This is a disturb time, estate market rises considerably in what pass earlier stage later, entered eventually low fan dish whole period, this also let a lot of investor do not have direction. How to do? The depression of the market is not actually terrible, to buying a house person for can use this opportunity ready-made instead, and search " bullish model " house property is first-rate solution.
The article is arranged by editor of urban hunt room, reprint from urban hunt room | Http://www.letfind.com.cn of net of Fuzhou house property the article is arranged by editor of urban hunt room, reprint from urban hunt room | Http://www.letfind.com.cn of net of Fuzhou house property

 Building city adjusts palpitate letting a person

"The stock market innovates again low! " a as people blast exclamation, on the drops to bumping people again again psychology of card index bears bottom line. And appear meanwhile a boat two brother, the estate market of the near future also got each pay close attention to just, its every act also lets a lot of investor in fear and trembling rise.

"Look, a reader that has you sends a letter! " be in a few days ago, the colleague of editorial office came around urgently to me a correspondence, this is this print the incoming letter of an old reader, although integral word number is not very much, but spoke a topic that everybody cares current market jointly however. This reader is written so in the letter, but go up so that let,the person looked estate market not to understand last year, but the market this year went it seems that however day, became picture completely another time, some resemble Shenzhen the house price of such cities still appeared even not small adjustment, fact of this manage to make do makes our common people a bit flustered. He says: "Actually I also have the plan that buys a house this year originally, but see the market such going situation have some of hesitate, think price waiting for a room fell to be bought again. But wait all the time going down also is not a method after all, present inflation is so high, the demand of the housing in the home also bright place over, how should I do after all? How should I do after all??

Actually the word of this reader is had very much representative, couplet thinks of the reporter attends a few forum that pass nearly one blast, a lot of investor also are put in the doubt with similar move. Face the building city that hesitates to press forward currently, the free and easy of the market rises and fall let a lot of person that buy a house do not have direction, bought a room to be afraid that house price falls, do not buy a house anxious, this is an inextricability difficult problem it seems that. So, where is the method that has make the best of both worlds after all? The answer is affirmative! The proposal that the reporter gives out here is, in the market low fan period should have made the preparation that buy a house instead, search " bullish model " house property is a good method.
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