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Put down a package to decide to golden state of mind all loan buy a room to also
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The Olympic Games, do not have smoke of gunpowder in this " battlefield " go up, every athlete tries to take his brightest one side in the Olympic Games " arena " , initiate the concussion of the again and again to gold. Ace is enrolled too, besides than spelling actual strength outside, state of mind is become make enemy a magic weapon of get the upper hand of.
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State of mind decided everything, no matter the state of mind that should keep gentle only is defeated win to will be faced leisurely. "Wei Jia Anjie " major mortgages adviser to think, the person that loan buys a house also should maintain such state of mind. Show level, trade from house property kind of loan crowd analysis, suffer estate market to adjust period influence, this part crowd appeared greatly wait-and-see mood. The element that forms this kind of wait-and-see mood basically has tripartite side: The first, price of house of town of the building after the Olympic Games such as suffering passes falls greatly. The 2nd, await 2 flatlet to shift policy somewhat " release what is held " . The 3rd, be fear of add breath is wait-and-see whether is bank policy changed somewhat.

From borrower of this tripartite face wait-and-see element looks, "Wei Jia Anjie " major mortgages advisory one by one to analyse:

The first, the may not after Beijing Olympic Games passes appears to drop greatly phenomenon. From the point of the Atlanta Olympic Games 1996, show according to concerning a material, american Atlanta municipal government invested 1 billion dollar in all at that time, undertake infrastructure rebuilds. Before 5 years are held in the Olympic Games, price of Atlanta town house rose 19% , a lot of American after the Olympic Games passes, especially inferior descendants American, move Atlanta to live from los angeles and other places, the house price that because the Olympic Games rises,makes did not fall down because of the end of games. Price of house of the town after the Athenian Olympic Games 2004 passes appeared to valence does not have the situation of city, basically be located in a of Athenian northwest outskirts unmanned region because of Olympic Games village, without here of any public traffic join. Although be in charge of to want the radiation effect of Olympic Games of have the aid of when the government, drive the development of that one area, the circumstance that waits for lack in establishment of form a complete set of traffic, municipal construction, commerce however falls or cause inevitably of rate drop.

What Beijing Olympic Games and this two Olympic Games differ is, it is round that Beijing Olympic Games can say hundred years dream of the Chinese, the government is held for the success of the Olympic Games also gave greater effort, the construction that park of forest of the radiation effect that business of orbit traffic, Ya Yun Cun encircles, Olympic waits establishment of form a complete set a moment was offerred for Olympic Games village better " supply " , perfect gradually in the future for its also laid strong foundation. Not only such, new vitality is in the economic infuse that Beijing Olympic Games also will be Beijing a few years of henceforth to be able to bring far-reaching influence a few years even. From the point of the establishment of these hardware, the person that buy a house and room borrow borrower to also answer Beijing building city confident, will look with gentle state of mind wait for current building city to develop a tendency, do good individual to judge.
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