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That flicker the American old lady of 1.3 billion Chinese
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Before long, in compatriots sadly a such allegorical stories since popularity, saying is to have a Chinese old lady and American old lady, chinese old lady says I worked all one's life, put eventually enough the fund that buys a house, and old lady of that United States says, I worked all one's life, borrow the room of the bank eventually paid off.

Allegory is self-evident, cover when the Chinese when tightening purse live frugally, American is in cheesy ground however leasehold consumption. This allegory should teach us it seems that, as the Chinese, do not cover close purse, put a person's mind to consume. Say toward small part, wait for you to put enough you are already old after OK and smart money, leave you without years cheesy, see family American, spend the money tomorrow today much cheesier; Toward big say, only our common people unlocks purse and courage lead consumption, national ability flourishing, united States of look look other people, it is family common people dare spend the money tomorrow today, so family ability is so rich.

Then, those economist answer a call, go up freely to our Xiaolao common people in succession removed macroeconomics tutorial: Exciting economy grows 3 driving carriage is consumption, investment and exit. The first is consumption, stimulated only inside need, economic ability grows quickly, but that has a famous formal name to be called " consumption is pulled move model growth " . Because of this common people people, answer governmental appeal to open wide purse lead to consume.

The conduct propaganda of the brilliant views of governmental appeal, scholar, media, plus that does not know to risk the American old lady that come out to take a young fan to go up in the edge from where the small wind of a next a few flicker, we these young common people people have bit of feel dizzy indeed. Mr Kong Ming old is not to had said frugal in order to raise heart, our great person also is not to admonish we want difficult and simple, why is old almanac then ah. China is not to enter a life, that has to have the eye of the world, see a foreigner live Xiaolou, drive shake from side to side of car full world, one hall mixes the one room that we observed all one's life " permanent card " , the peaceful of new horse of friendly neighbouring country that connects us did not pass a key point, think simply within an inch of lived all one's life in vain.

Great leader once had said, our compatriots person has many boldly how old produce, do not be afraid of do not do be afraid of want to be less than. This not, our compatriots thought of eventually, that is about to do well earthshakingly, how to wear the old lady small look that also cannot let that United States Chinese. Open bankbook to look to still have so tens of thousands of, otherwise is preemptive house. Person there either pay 0 times, it is OK to need not spend a minute of money occupy big house, one 3 be in harmony of 4 5 its Le Rong.

Original in the world most of be to one's profit is leasehold consumption, if old lady of that United States knows our Chinese nowadays also occupy big house and do not spend a minute of money, baobuqi have to so open-eyed that appear a Chinese " current world different " come not knowable also. Who says our compatriots have to difficult all one's life, the country enters a life, we still must not have bit of world eye, how to reach level of medium developed country otherwise. Want to maintain world level to had be toed consume with the foreigner above all. Open TV, it is not to look not to know the world is really wonderful really. There is a crocodile to be dumbfounded with respect to the person that begins show off on the dress that wore in the past so, why foreigners the brand in the eye is Er of Fan Sizhe sweet Nai, that ability calls the identity. Bearer, credit card is served! The force of compatriots is boundless as expected, was turn for a foreigner this time to be dumbfounded. The plot that 3 women of Chinese country about in the duty-free inn on edge of iron tower of Er of Parisian dust humble bought goods of 500 thousand euro must let a French hold chin in the palm surprisingly with the hand.
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