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Hire rain of housing house leakage to should be maintained by who
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Ask: The personnel that our department is versed in to the Wu in the city from countryside. Read in the city for convenient son, I rented two privately owned house of Liu Mou last year. At that time I two decide: Lease two years, annual hire 1500 yuan. After be being entered before long, I discover housetop is slack, raining is wet on the bed repeatedly. I ask Liu Mou thinks method is repaired for many times, he pleads with two following reason every time: It is him the rent that collect is original very low, housetop of again contributive maintenance, with respect to lose money in business; 2 be the contract was not signed when renting a house, the upkeep that closing Alexandrine agreement roof more by his burden. The master that I am in charge of maintaining please looked to the spot, their estimation maintains these two housetop to want a flower 3000 multivariate. Money of so big brushstroke, I cannot bear. Excuse me: The building leakage rain of hire, after all this by who contributive maintenance?

Answer: By construction the ministry releases, apply at rising on June 1, 1995 " urban house rents administrative measure " the 21st regulation: "Rental residence damages with the nature of the room or the contract agrees by lessor reparative, be in charge of repair by lessor. Not seasonable rehabilitate, cause a building to produce ruinous accident, cause tenant belongings loss or person harms, ought to assume liability to pay compensation. Hire building undertakes production, management activity, reparative responsibility is agreed in the contract that rent by bilateral party. " the regulation is accordingly knowable, the building leakage rain of hire, belong to " rental residence damages with the nature of the room " , answer to be in charge of contributive rehabilitate by lessor. " contract law of People's Republic of China " the 220th specific also provision: "Lessor ought to fulfil the maintenance obligation of the content that rent, party has conventional except additionally. " visible, in the building contract that rent, if there is extraordinary agreement between lessor and tenant, lessor agree carries the reparative obligation of the building, be opposite in order to protect tenant the access of the building. When lessor nonperformance is compulsory, tenant has authority to ask its fulfil obligation, from this and cause belongings loss or person harm, still can ask tenant assumes liability to pay compensation.

Liu Mou with chummage low did not make clear with both sides refus is absolutely for the agreement its hack building is contributive undertake reparative, break the law, you can talk things over with its further, or to local estate director branch is complained, yi Ke is sued solve lawfully to the court.

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