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Sell a bit proposal of the novice to house property
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In the sale team of a landed project, having a boy is the undergraduate that construction project major graduates, already " deign " hereat, we are valued very to its of course, think since he is professional personage, can explain more clearly to the client, behoove sale outstanding achievement is best. Did not think of two months to come down, he unexpectedly one sheet also did not clinch a deal, then the author uses a person's mind to sell an operation to have observation to its all the more, chat to it. Finally, the crucial point of the problem was found.

No less than his place character, to all questions that client place raises, he always makes an explanation to its from a few respects, but at the same time because the client is not professional personage, a certain side that often explains to its so has doubt again, raise a question again then, explain again, such loop relapses, the problem that he explains is more, the client's doubt also is jumped over subsequently much, buy doubt then more, more hesitant, then decision-making cycle pulls longer more. In very intense competition environment, decision-making cycle of the client is put long, the possibility that clinch a deal will decrease greatly, if once encounter other competitor intervene, the client is attracted very easily to go by other item.

By this matter exemple, we are OK and derivative a serious problem -- our client is a person, is not accurate computer, what is the person? The person is completely not rational, it is the computer that can make mistake. Buying the house when the consumable with this kind of very high total prices, they often cherish the dream that owns a home to choose property. In buying a process, the most important subliminal the dream that is this kind of sensibility, is rational analysis anything but, below this kind of circumstance, when if we can undertake appealing to to the client with very perceptual language,be being begged, often can make the client produces the intention that buys this building, and the answer of follow-up technical issue, often be to eliminate its to buy the doubt of the building merely. Generation motive is prevenient, after eliminating misgive to be in, this kind of 80% sensibility the process of 20% reason, especially to course of study of first time buy character, it is a kind of typical pattern that buy a house, be in so right now, if we if with 80% reason 20% sensibility undertake appealing to begging, result nature won't be good.

This kind of mode to 2 buy course of study, the person that invest buy course of study especially, differ somewhat, these two kinds of clients often are behaved for 50% reason of 50% sensibility buy deed, to latter, rational content is higher. Because these clients buy a house,this is already not was to have the dream of a home, stem from however buy a valuable property, increase the experience that room housing buys before them, they are buying nature rational rate will be a few higher in the process.
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