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Lock of course of study of buy of beginning of spring decides villa of 3 kinds o
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To investor, new Year at the beginning of when investing redound on since settle accounts one year, it is the time that adjusts the coming year to invest a plan; To living oneself guest, now is to let go the opportunity that cleans out a room. " daily economy news " investigate discovery, beginning of spring has redound of 3 kinds of investment and sexual price to compare tall house property to be worth to pay close attention to this year.

Downtown drops greatly secondhand the room suits a crowd: Long term investor

In the period with insufficient heat of building town business, it is the most important that long-term investment return rate became those who measure house property value standard. A few high-grade property are managing Shanghai center relatively good hire redound, and future appreciates latent capacity still is put.

Part of Shanghai center the city zone board piece secondhand house price spends a now to fall in the Ceng Yi before the four seasons was spent 2005, and market hind withdraws in major speculator and short-term investment objective, eye anteroom price is shown stronger fight drop quality.

Wei Ming is praedial Cai Weimin of wisdom library controller expresses, dish of opposite risk is accepted in downtown lesser, among them static how, lasting peace and Xu Hui area are worth to pay close attention to.

Collected more famous a person of extraordinary powers curtilage static bring a district, the guest invests before numerous. After house property new policy comes on stage, investment objective in succession low is cast dish. Static how secondhand second half of the year experienced house price last year a diving, at present second bridal chamber all price already slipped reach 25000 yuan / square metre left and right sides.

Second the price of new property drops to did not drive hire to follow drop. At present the month of these high-end property hires interval to be in 6000-10000 yuan / the month differs. The price drops, hire is smooth, right long term covert namely for investment objective help low investment cost.

Lasting peace is secondhand the room clinchs a deal to basically be centered in ancient north board piece, of whole area clinch a deal all valence relatively last year 19000 yuan of 34 month / square metre dropped 13% the left and right sides. The source of the room that rent of area length peace basically is centered in rainbow plum, ancient north board piece, lunar hire is maintained in 1000-2000 dollar. According to general embellish real estate the data statistic of door inn shows, after the fine tuning of advanced half an year, at present lasting peace lives oneself demand relatively before a few months have rise significantly, the demand that buy a house increases 15% . Especially a few big hot door plank such as bridge of Zhongshan, rainbow piece, live oneself demand particularly apparent.

Xu Jiahui second bridal chamber trades the value is greater than will having June last year reduce, by 23000-26000 yuan / square metre callback arrives present 17000-22000 yuan / square metre, fall on average amount to 15% .
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