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Company of broker of Beijing much home is secondhand October the room trades the
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Company of broker of Beijing much home is secondhand October the room trades the volume is swelled than September 16% above.

Come from company of broker of catenary home estate (abbreviation " catenary home " ) , suitable gallop buy course of study, my love company of broker of my home estate (abbreviation " I love my home " ) statistical data shows, secondhand in October the room clinchs a deal the volume rises substantially than will having in September. Data of catenary home statistic shows, beijing is secondhand October of the room clinch a deal the volume rose than September 16% ; Suitable gallop all computation of buy course of study will rise than September in October according to showing 21% ; And the data that I love my home was to rise 25% .

Suitable gallop personage of buy estate market thinks, 11 golden weeks, the army rich room of the middle ten days of a month will extend meeting and the state by October in October trade house is exhibited can promote greatly secondhand of the room clinch a deal quantity, a large number of rigid demand got releasing.

On the price, catenary home data shows, secondhand October average price is the room 4319 yuan / smooth rice, compare this year 1 to September 4277 yuan / the average price of smooth rice rose slightly 1% , suitable gallop think to clinch a deal at present to the price rises without what because clinch a deal,measure and have change. Look from the area, right relatively large family demand shows ascendant trend.

The personage inside course of study thinks, the main factor that affects afore-mentioned change is, twice the room exhibits the group buying a house of the meeting change is bigger. Exhibit during the meeting in the person that old age buys a house is occupied 60% , buy course of study upgrades into main body demand. Additional, one part is secondhand the buyer of the room plans to buy commodity house originally, because did not have likely item to buy secondhand room, be opposite so of the price bear capability is stronger, chose large family model.

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