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Landed plute is in debt 10 years to still do not disregard face to take a person
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Chen Keyu takes a person to break inn to cut wire

On July 23, 2005, one wears famous brand T-shirt on the west the ground of get up on one's hind legs of many years old of 40 man of pants jumps down from the car, toward business the shop cries greatly: "You stop to give money instantly court! Otherwise with respect to power cut of cut off the water supply, let you do not eat to moving round to go! " say, getting back 4 youths are irruptive the much home store that is located in garden of rainbow of Zhongshan highway day is destroyed wantonly. Everybody wants to be less than, this person be the first of farce is body home actually the boss of several ten million, day rainbow garden as large stockholder of much home company -- Chen Keyu.

Formidable old boss, why to disregard face so, take a person to destroy shop personally? All these results from the project money of day rainbow garden is defaulted case. Repay for compulsive Chen Keyu default electric white county company of engineering of the 3rd construction (white company of phone of the following abbreviation) many yuan 510 project money, guangzhou quadrangle executive bureau asks bear the hire that business of garden of rainbow of the tenement general day that rent spreads hands in a court directly.

By August, the reporter will to the business that be raided spread pay a return visit. The counterjumper of civilian abundant shop tells a reporter: "That day, chen Keyu get up on one's hind legs develops inn in, cry want us to hand in a shop to hire. I ask him just a minute, who expects he grabs the smoke that go up wears bar to be bungled toward the ground. The boss comes explanation, say the court asks hire is handed in directly. He actually be ashamed into anger, called up 56 youths to break a thing to cut wire again again. " when the police arrives, make trouble person already left. The police calls her to head for the person that management handles make trouble pointing to card after the spot made detailed record, stern warning those people do not want again make trouble.

Unexpectedly that evening much at 9 o'clock, the shop came again 45 societies youth. "In inn sit at that time full guest, they come in, take the beer bottle in our ice ark row, taking punty is round mad dozen. Vitreous fragment flies in disorder everywhere like bullet, everybody gives frighten ran. Subsequently they break 4 freezer sodden, clamour is worn left " .

After the event, of Chen Keyu fly the company carried out front courtyard to make written apology state to court of Guangzhou city intermediate people. Statement expresses, fly the wrong act that the company admits him, and be willing apologize to tenement and compensatory loss. In the light of fly the self-criticism statement of the company, reach after the event to already recouped tenement pecuniary loss, and the case that hire basically uses at allowance village to face water to face report and dweller to use electric price difference, management to be in employee wages with water, give birth to vivid order to stabilize to ensure village dweller, after be asked for so that the applicant agrees, the court decides to suspend holding back hire of house property of day rainbow garden. Concerned tenement still pays rent to the lessor of house property temporarily.
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