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420 thousand do not buy room citizen namely in the hand: Zhan of the locust that
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The housing accumulation fund of 300 thousand, the deposit of at least 120 thousand, not less than 7000 yuan domestic month income, of more than 20000 end of the year award, bilateral parents increases support slightly, little Bear couple buys a commodity house in Nanjing is not what tickler at all. Sit embrace such " admirable condition " Little Bear couple, hold to the job 4 years not to buy a house however, they have idea additionally: House price a day flabby, we are not bought with respect to a day.

Current abode is to rent a room that come, "Besides the quilt on the bed, cabinet child the dress in, other be landlord. " the ground tells Little Bear buoyant the reporter, "Miserable and shabby " personal property appears more like the honor that is him.

Namely such one " " , also flounder for a long time just comes down surely temporarily. Little Bear tells a reporter, oneself achieve the record that moved the home two years 6 times. Two years ago, ordered the Little Bear couple of marriage to be moved from factory dormitory, because husband and wife is in together an unit, the house is hired around plant area, happy easy life of a small family is less than half an year, landlord parents grows suddenly rather, little Bear be forced to do, pack up and quit goes person. Enthusiastic colleague changes the one flatlet of husband unit the room borrows Little Bear temporarily, lived to be less than a month, because be apart from plant area too far, and be faced with at any time control a house, little Bear again change comes near plant area, close with another colleague hire. After 3 months, the work in the same placing that hires together resigns suddenly, grind in order to take an examination of for home remedy cancels to hire room agreement, the building that abandons a more than 1000 January to hire goes person, after carrying period of time, "Ward off blows " do not live the Little Bear of chummage and wife moved a dormitory again, got on 50 yuan too again of a month " poor " day. What expects good view is seldom, because the colleague of chummery is in check-up by fish tuberculosis, terrified unceasingly wife forces Little Bear is moved instantly from the spot, two people hire a on factory of come off work hurriedly shabby small room, not close the end of the year, landlord comes round to pay a New Year call, real purpose is to want Little Bear couple move after year, this house should sell go out. Had this current small bedroom again then, chummage is some more expensive, but equipment everything needed is ready, little Bear spoke one's innermost thoughts and feelings eventually, "Say to not be afraid that moving is false, move all the way the thing is thrown all the way, waste man power and money. Waste man power and money..

Have this miserable painful experience ordinarily, little Bear should belong to the active advocate that buys a house, couple two however ground of all with one voice is insisted, "House price a day flabby, we do not buy a house with respect to a day. " Little Bear tells a reporter, when firm 2002 job, do not have money to also did not buy the idea of the room; When oneself begin to look at a house, the house price of Nanjing also begins all the way hurricane. "Be in early 2004, we are already right house price is very dissatisfactory, be in more impossibly of this swaying in the midst of a raging storm buy a house when the mouth. Be in more impossibly of this swaying in the midst of a raging storm buy a house when the mouth..
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