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3 kinds of the building market that rent are cheated action
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It is both ends is cheated. The clerk accompanies a client to look " it is 1000 yuan actually " sign up for a client however " 800 yuan " building, say with landlord, client the other side does not wish to talk about price face to face beforehand, the thing of price wishs to entrust intermediary to talk. The house-owner when seeing a room so thinks is 1000 yuan, the client thinks is 800 yuan, he supervises and urge after the client is satisfactory the blame that bilateral autograph does not reflect chummage price rents a contract normally. After signing a contract, the payment that decides in both sides, make the key one day that, he can say to the client landlord goes up house price to 1000 yuan now, the client does not work of course, he says that is break a contact of landlord home remedy, intermediary does not have responsibility, and both sides already signed a contract, intermediary already was finished, cash pledge is not retreated.

2 it is to pull a drawer. Individual intermediary gives Qian Cheng to hire " 1000 yuan " building, pretend to be landlord by the clerk, sign up for to all clients " 800 yuan " , after the shopper looks room satisfaction and signing a contract every time, pretend to be landlord to appear personally by the clerk find out all sorts of reason not to agree to rent. When the client looks for a company to withdraw fund, the company says both sides already signed a contract, break a contact of landlord home remedy, intermediary cost is not returned. This kind of means is called " pull a drawer " , one flatlet house uses low temptation, allegedly a month can be cheated 89 yuan of cash pledge.

3 it is to be blocked up directly. Individual intermediary is after beguiling consumer, establish to its when the client " supervise complain a phone " report, intermediary can try ring client, unapt do the business governmental function branch. Its method no more than is right the client says cash pledge cannot be returned according to the contract, but stem from care client to be able to continue to introduce a building for the client, client right now also at the end of one's wits, some still feels the administrative layer of the company is pretty good, it is to be client consider.

Connoisseur proposal, hire a room to want to choose intermediary carefully, notice contract trap, do not be eager to making deposit, cannot " exchange contacts a method " should clinch a deal easy success, the house property evidence that examines house-owner even, Id, registered permanent residence this.

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