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Shenyang the fitness room or the promotion One of the main hall of public renta
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Heping District, Shenyang City, who lives in the Xiang Li, alone with his son to study life, Li Xiang monthly income of only 1,000 yuan, currently live in the house is rented. Seeing more and more of my son, she would like to apply for a Affordable housing units. Shenyang to take money to subsidize affordable housing, and a combination of physical construction, security objects, for the city (Forum News) low-income families. Brewing start building public rental housing Affordable housing, low-cost housing and public rental housing, protection of urban low-income, respectively, bears and "sandwich class" housing needs of duties. Informed sources, a number of national and local levels to live on the construction of affordable Room presentation, expected to Shenyang "Twelve Five Year Plan" an important guiding relevant content. Efforts to solve the housing difficulties of low-income families. Expand affordable housing and low-rent housing guarantee surface. Further stabilize the real estate market and improve housing security level. Great efforts to develop affordable housing, low-cost housing, public rental housing, general housing. Moderately high-end residential and commercial space development, and gradually form a common affordable housing and housing-based urban housing supply system. September of this year, Shenyang City, said the information released in 2010, money to subsidize affordable housing has been in full swing, the market to buy homes through low-income housing for needy families to provide monetary compensation of affordable housing Paste, and take the waiting queue of more than 7,000 families to resolve the housing difficulties of low-income families. Public rental housing, Shenyang City is brewing-related programs, according to state requirements, an area of public rental housing dwelling may not exceed 60 square meters. Expert Interpretation Affordable housing should be government-led Expert Support: Shenyang Architectural University Professor Liu Yachen For the vast majority of low-income people, the housing is both a basic living needs, is also the largest family real estate. If a low-income families subsidized by the fitness room, physical distribution, etc., made by the appropriate Housing limited property rights, it means the family will have some property income. In Professor Liu Yachen view, the Government of the construction of affordable housing to guide even the dominant, it is very necessary. "Fundamentally speaking, housing is divided into the protection of housing and real estate, security room is the public good and should the government Government-led; ordinary commercial housing through market regulation, government regulation. " Corporate property developers in the final analysis, pursuit of profit is the nature of business, which in itself with the protection of public property does not match the housing, so Liu Yachen that the Government must be the fitness room, live in low-cost housing and public rental Housing has played a significant role. Four well-being index of hot words Sawed be called happy life 30-year-old Wang, foreign mid-level, great income, a house and a car, parental health, with a wife and children, can feel like Wang are always unhappy. 45-year-old old Liu, repair for a living, support young and old, barely adequate food and clothing, dwelling in a simple room with disabled legs can be life's plain, pretty music, and Pharaoh. Expert Interpretation Feelings of both sides of the material and spiritual well-being Expert Support: Shenyang City Deputy Secretary-General Psychology, Professor of Shenyang Institute of Psychology, Niexiu Fan The next 5 years, living in Shenyang has such people can look forward to: the domestic first-class living environment, people's happiness index rising sense of security and well-being further enhanced the relationship between people Department of harmony and spiritual needs of people of different levels are fully met. Evaluation index is what's happiness The internationally recognized University of Chicago 25 "happiness" evaluation index are: the city general happiness, happiness pace of life, human touch happiness, money-making opportunity happiness, life happiness convenient, natural Environmental well-being, happiness level of civilization, culture and entertainment happiness, law and order situation of happiness, happiness divide between rich and poor, the pace of development being, quality of education in happiness, happiness health, social security, happiness, Government authority happiness, general happiness of life, quality of life happiness, career happiness, income happiness, happiness spacious housing, real estate happiness, marital happiness, children, happiness, happiness away, sleep Happiness. Click to view Feel the happiness of the people on many factors, a view that it is subject to environmental, psychological needs, and the impact of three values. This environment of social environment, such as price, prices, social security , Family and work such a small environment. People's sense of happiness not only depends on the physical, psychological needs and expectations also play a key role, if a person's expectations or desires and the reality of his ability does not match achieved Also affect the happiness together. Five national central city hot words Shenyang National Center will be built in the city What is the National Center City? Surely the people is not very clear. "Is not like Beijing, Shanghai, like the fashionable?" 27-year-old Zhang also left a question mark people, he thought the name suggests is a national center for the country's central city, the scale was large enough, have enough modern. Zhang conceived as a national center of the city, definitely have a prosperous economic zone, but also a recreational area for the public, "watching the movie, singing songs over and over and swim, and all this can only walk Achieved, eliminating the need for traffic trouble. "Zhang put forward their own" fun "idea. National Center for the city's reference to "the originator" in 2005, when the former Ministry of Construction under the "City Planning Law," the preparation of national urban system planning, it raised the concept. The so-called National Center City, is in full States have the lead, radiation, the distribution function of the city, the performance of this function in the political, economic, and cultural aspects. National Center for Study of the seven indicators of the city: an integrated economic capacity, technological innovation, international competitiveness, radiation driving ability, transportation accessibility, information sharing capacity, and sustainable development capability. National Norm Is recognized within the National Center for the city of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing and Guangzhou. Situation in the province of Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences, director Liang Qidong interview had said that "nation-building center city, Shenyang has been equipped with basic conditions." Shenyang City in accordance with the relevant ideas, focusing on creating the National Center City will be incorporated into the city, "second five" plans, downtown Shenyang, the main city will ring as the carrier, and Zhang idea of the "entertainment district" Indeed is also planned, after the transformation of the urban core area, lined area will be set up and demonstrate the economic image of the urban city recreation area. Art Building in Shenyang, Shenyang Theater, equestrian sports center in Shenyang public cultural facilities such as the public are in the design. Six bus first hot words Metro traffic more smoothly to Chen Cheng "I need efficient transportation ... ..." 35-year-old Liu Li divisions like a quiet life, she thought that Beijing and Shanghai, so she had some concerns about traffic conditions. Teachers used to have the same idea with the LIU people may not have to worry about, there is news that the next five years, the construction and changes in the transport sector will be the most important urban development in Shenyang. "Bus priority" will continue Continued to deepen, to open bus lines 200, the new update bus 3500, enhancing the overall efficiency of urban transport. Metro Line East Extension, second line connecting the north and the airport extension, while planning and construction of four, nine, on the 10th the first phase. This means that the people in Shenyang just a new way to travel the familiar - subway, in the "five-second" period Shenyang smooth traffic, a much larger energy release. In terms of road travel, Shenyang consider the future abolition of ring charges, widening, reconstruction of urban expressway; New Fourth Ring Expressway, the new highway rings to complete the Second Ring Road, Southern and Northern lines, fast road embankment Rapid transformation ... ... Seven low-carbon energy hot words Actions of these big energy saving "No matter how developed, how to build, but it is still living environment is more important, can not damage the natural environment." 67-year-old Zhao Fengyu said he saw every day as long as the blue sky, white clouds, there can not tell the comfortable mind. The next five years, Shenyang in the energy saving has so much to look forward to the Department. The use of new energy sources, energy conservation and environmental protection Dengjun will be included to the relevant planning. Clean use of traditional energy sources to carry out the people familiar with the health level, law libraries and other places of the "windmill power generation," is expected to expand the scale of the construction and completion of Wind power equipment industry park, the residents in Shenyang Great Hunnan wind power is expected to see a windmill. Turning waste into treasure, waste heat power generation, landfill gas power generation, comprehensive utilization of straw, under these new technologies for energy generation will be public access to energy, environmentally friendly manner. Removal of small boilers. The development of cogeneration projects and large-scale central heating, will continue to work in the implementation of energy saving.
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