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Ministry of Finance three clear funds "support" of public rental
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16 Ministry of Finance issued a document that allows low-cost housing throughout the year in the completion of support tasks under the premise of the net proceeds of land transfer, value-added provision for provident fund, housing allowances and low-cost funds for the development of public rental. This is the end of the month following the 9 construction of public rental waiver, after a number of related taxes, in order to solve the financial problems of public rental re-introduction of the initiative. Industry insiders say the move could ease the financial strain to some extent the situation, but the construction of public rental still need to explore new modes of financing. Notified by the Ministry of Finance documents, from 2010 onwards, the year around to ensure complete protection of low-rent housing under the premise of the task can be the existing arrangements for net income from land transfer not less than 10% of the low-rent housing guarantee fund, the Housing Provident Fund provision for income housing security funds, central government subsidies for low-rent housing to protect these areas of special funds for the development of public rental housing. Qi Tao, director of the Central Plains Group of view, the Ministry of Finance's position is a directional guide, is the construction of public rental and national initiatives to increase matching. Curtain in the new round of market regulation, the public rental housing has increasingly become "extended supply" and the main force in the protection of housing system. In the strong central authority under the supervision of construction projects throughout the rapid expansion of public rental. In 2011, only Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou city plans to start four public rental construction scale to more than 20 million square meters, up more than tripled; need to invest in development funds has been nearly a thousand billion. Currently, the basic rent all over the public investment by the government, the local state-owned enterprises with a small amount of project investment, or financial guarantees to finance loans under the fund. But all along, the market sources for its funding has many concerns. With the construction of the expansion, starting next year, funds the construction of public rental pressure will gradually increase. "The move to a certain extent, ease the financial strain of the situation, but the land transfer net income, value-added provision for provident fund, special subsidies for low-rent housing to protect the three sources of funding are funds from the original low-rent housing transfer for public rental, and parts of low-rent housing guarantee funds should first of all, not because the central and vigorously promote the public rental to 'thick thin inexpensive public'. "E-House Comprehensive Research Institute, said the Minister Yang Hongxu. "Alone, where low-rent housing from the money saved should be enough." E-House Research senior analyst back to the construction of integrated intensity (blog) said. The document also mentioned the Ministry of Finance, for the mobilization of market players and social sector investment in public rental construction, reduce the social capital investment in public rental housing financing costs, interest subsidies, can be taken around to support the market actors and social institutions with financing from commercial banks in the development of public rental housing. Yang Hongxu that regrets that the document did not mention bonds, trusts, funds and other financing.
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