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Qingdao Licang District this month will Shiwupeizu 289 sets of 20 low-rent ho
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Licang District 10 in 2010 construction of affordable housing projects before finalizing the first batch of 289 sets of low-rent housing allocation plan Dec. 20 for the election room and Yaohao work. Lee Chang-area reporters yesterday from the construction of the HKMA informed that the current focus on the admissibility review the first batch of affordable housing, the price of commodity housing 2095, more than 1,900 families purchase for the relevant procedures, in the second batch of affordable housing, housing for the price of goods After people apply for subscription procedures, plans to house election in late December, 摇号. Lee Chang-area since 2008 a total commitment to the 8152 affordable housing units built with the task, representing the city built with an annual average of 40% of the total. Among them, Chongqing Garden, Yuen Shun property two affordable housing and a low-rent housing reconstruction has been completed Tongzilou delivery; Fulin million second phase, under the port community Wang, Li Um community, Wenchang Pavilion 4538 community projects in 10 sets of security Housing will be completed by the end of this year with rent, placing; Wang ports under 3293 units in 11 projects will be completed next year with the protection of housing rent and placement. Lee Chang-rent district in 2010 with the placing of 10 affordable housing projects include: Tsang Tai Road district two low-rent housing project, especially at home transformation of old (and up and the City), Lee Temple transformation of old items (mountains ), Fu Shan Garden Phase IV, No. 227 Chongqing Road projects, Wenchang Pavilion Village Improvement Project, Phase transformation of a small jujube (Yu Jingshan village), Houjiazhuang - Mai Po - Buddha Cliff ear construction of affordable housing projects (Greentown ), Fulin million second phase, four-flow Licang Road District No. 5 (Ruifeng chime Park housing price), a total of 4538 sets. In addition to Shiwupeizu Licang District 289 sets of low-rent housing, but are affordable housing and limit housing. According to reports, the first batch of 289 sets of finalizing the allocation of low-rent housing, respectively, Tsang Tai Road, 100 sets, 51 sets of Li hut village, especially the home community of 138 units. Availability into a room, bed room apartment, two-compartment three units. "To the Shiwupeizu more reasonable, humane, Lee Chang-area development of the actual situation of a 51-person family units, two sets of 118 families, 120 sets of three or more households. With rent mainly targeted in Lee Chang rental subsidies to low-cost housing area to enjoy the protection of non-housing families. Single-person applicants must be at least 35 years of age. Shiwupeizu family does not have the range with rent. "
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