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Xi an the largest allocation of low-rent public housing
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"New City 14-4-101" and the computer this message appears on the screen, when Chung Dong Taiwan jumped up excitedly. "I am a person living with two sons 30 years of renting, and now I can finally have a permanent residence in the house, no longer moved around because they can not afford the rent. Thank you, it has been home to take care of our Committee, thanked the Government. "excited Taiwan Chung Dong-young said. December 16, "low-rent housing in Xi'an Shiwupeizu 2010 Conference" in the center of women and children in Shaanxi Province was held in Xi'an, the largest which is a low-rent public housing 摇号 allocation recommended by the community, three for approval Shiwupeizu made two publicity eligible families here through 1832 the way 摇号 distribution of housing units selected room number 1632. 150 rent 50 square meters only The distribution of the Weiyang 摇号 Yang Village Phase II, low-cost housing area, and I Wanglian Baqiao area are renting residential area of 50 square meters, tenants pay only 150 yuan a month to stay. Low-rent housing useful to follow the principles of interior design, general decoration, the use of water-saving sanitary equipment, energy saving lamps. All planning for the tower floor area of residential, including kindergartens, clubs, shops, underground parking and basement. It is reported that participated in the 1832 摇号 Shiwupeizu eligible families to obtain, there are 1677 new qualifications, and 155 in the October 31, 2009 is eligible to receive Shiwupeizu but not in the last 摇号No access to the waiting room home. Participate in the 1832 allocation will be divided into 8 groups of families, a total of four days allocated. In order to ensure that the 155 families waiting for housing to a household are assigned, organizational units, in particular their points in the first group, second group, the fourth group of selected room number. Lower limbs and severe disability in which 11 families divided in the first group, the third group, given special care in the floor of the housing allocation. This user-friendly implementation of the program has won applause inside. In 摇号 scene, sitting in the audience who hold your breath, staring the big screen, with the surrounding people over 摇号 in stark contrast to the hustle and bustle. They are full of expectation and tension. Got the "low-rent housing allotment notice," the people cheered, did not get people to leave quietly. "No use of the pumping process, computers and field testing by the notaries, the entire pumping process by an impartial authority No scene notarized. To ensure 摇号 open and fair." Xi'an Jiao Jian, director of housing security, said the摇号 seek transparent, so sign after the applicant shall confirm the distribution of family information subject to a single serial number on the guidance of staff and arrangements to produce ID card, copy, distribution of family information and other data confirm the single-line extraction procedure followed number, room number of the applicant able to get the scene to receive "low-rent housing allotment notice" to leave the scene immediately after. To receive the keys until further notice. Prior to the announcement period, there were two conditions because the application does not match with the publicity materials and other reasons, verified and reported to higher authorities, has withdrawn its low-rent housing for the allocation of qualifications. Housing support center in Xi'an responsible person, if the masses of the complaint or report of publicity objects, will arrange for someone to verify understanding. Low-cost and inexpensive to live "Xi'an urban low-rent housing management approach", as long as six districts with the Xi'an City, the non-agricultural permanent residence, is the lowest income urban households, and housing is consistent with the provisions of the Town Municipal People's Government of the lowest income families housing security standards, can apply for low-cost housing security to enjoy the lowest income families. In order to better address the distribution of low-income family housing, low-rent housing and not permanently enjoy, the city housing authority on a regular basis to enjoy the housing security of low income urban family income, population and housing situation of verification, Lim does not meet the Rental housing security conditions, and stop to enjoy the low-rent housing benefits. Some experts believe that, with rising house prices, housing became a big problem most people. Especially low-income families, housing and food and clothing to become equally important issues. To alleviate this problem, the government introduced a series of policy control. Low-rent housing policy is a very important one for the lowest income families in urban housing hardship to the security policy. To effectively solve the housing problems of the masses of Xi'an, Xi'an Municipal eleven Congress to make such a goal: "Eleventh Five-Year" period, will accelerate the affordable housing and low-cost housing construction, adjustment of housing supply structure, stable prices, substantial improvements in the living conditions of low-income people, and strive to solve all within five years the housing difficulties of low-income families, the basic solve the housing difficulties of low-income families. "Access to low-rent housing Shiwupeizu Xi'an family will enjoy low-cost rental housing standards, that is 2.89 per square meter per month rent." According to Xi'an Protection Department, Housing Authority low-cost housing-related staff, yet failed to Xi'an factors such as different regions develop low-cost rental housing program. However, insiders believe that, with the maturity of low-cost housing market, government should consider under the maintenance fees, management fees, interest rates, housing prices and other factors, "With the development of low-cost housing market, the rent should be based on housing lots, rental population, the rental area, and other factors to determine some more reasonable. " The remote location of the past, most low-rent housing, inadequate facilities and other such low-rent housing problem is not inexpensive, the government introduced a new solution to provide city reconstruction project to be built with at least 10% of public rental, strengthening policy guidance, expanding availability to meet the housing needs of the masses. Be true "low cost" and "clean living." Because many low-cost housing under construction, to achieve the dream of many housing hardship in the housing needs of a process, this form of Xi'an is divided into low-rent housing rent in the allocation of subsidies, Shiwupeizu and rent relief. Hardship for low-income housing, per capita living space less than 13 square meters, the Government has given housing subsidies, in order to ease the housing problems of needy families. Housing security work leading group in Xi'an Office, Xi'an, housing security and the Housing Authority deferred Tin Ming said: "The municipal government attaches great importance to the housing difficulties of urban low-income families, the low-rent housing system as a solution to people's livelihood an important measure, increasing rental subsidies and low-cost housing construction, the city plans to 38,800 in 2011 per capita housing area of less than 13 square meters of housing difficulties of urban low-income families cities do. " Regulatory significance of public goods "'Eleventh Five-Year Plan' period, is the best in Xi'an during the real estate market." Xi'an housing security and the Housing Authority official says, "Eleventh Five-Year" period, Xi'an real estate transactions reached 60.8 million square feet area meters, 52 million, turnover of more than 2325 billion yuan; second-hand housing transactions 6,220,000 square meters, 77,406 sets of turnover of 14.8 billion; at the end of October 2010, total low-rent housing guarantee to 19,144 households. At present, Xi'an in the construction of 17 low-rent housing project, with a total construction scale of 1,058,300 square meters, 18,383 sets of a total investment of 2.72 billion yuan. Bridge 3 million square meters, 650 sets of public rental housing construction project is being organized. Some experts believe that, with respect to affordable housing, the low-rent housing for lower income clients, but more assistance and policy preferences. Low-cost housing is a national and local government to address urban housing difficulties of low income families and ordinary residential construction, there are social and public nature of social security benefits and housing. To build a harmonious society and the balanced development of society, China must implement a minimum housing standards program, greatly improve the living standards of urban residents. Residential housing and the economy and the public rental housing of a different nature, low-cost housing is not a salable commodity, low-cost housing is provided by the government public goods, it is a macro-economic regulation of goods. The nature low-cost housing is not only reflected in the policy, social security and welfare aspects, but also use it to control real estate market to consider the role of prices. "The implementation of low-rent housing on the importance of building a harmonious society." Yan Tin Ming thought. The industry believes that low-cost housing will fundamentally change the face of China's real estate industry. The responsibility to protect low-income housing groups, to strip from the real estate development, the government regulation in areas of real estate in addition to curb property speculation, but also indirectly interfere with prices. If you fail to provide low-cost housing supply, will directly affect the quality of life in a group. Some experts suggested that to speed up low-cost housing construction, the progress of the low-cost housing, quality, low-income public housing and so on, into the official performance evaluation indicators, prompting local officials concerned about the GDP should be the same as low-rent housing and citizens concerned about the housing people's livelihood, it protect and serve the real difficulties of housing low-income household purposes.
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