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Buy a room to give vegetable plot to send donkey to develop business " sell a ro
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 China seizes price of one gold house to fall 10 thousand

During the Olympic Games, every acquire army group of Chinese Olympic Games a gold, jinan first floor dish roll out at morrow namely corresponding 10 thousand yuan of privilege, go up not to seal a top. More building dish sales promotion is compared " direct " , use the means of privilege of a price.

   Buy a house to give vegetable plot

Had heard of buy a room to send decorate, but had you heard of buy a room to deserve to give vegetable plot? Last in current building city low below confused condition, some is in Zhuhai city carry out building dish cast recently piece " buy a house, give vegetable plot " stunt, make this building dish after owner, organic meeting is obtained give land rent of a dish to plant 30 years, the owner that lives in contemporary village can be enjoyed adequately pastoral, and eat be at ease to what oneself cultivate vegetable.

   Buy a room to send donkey

Freezer, color television, washing machine... we knows: No matter draw a what praise, award also is these things almost. Can had you seen what large award sends donkey? You still are not believed, on May 11 morning, new developed area of north of Shenyang city Shenyang a building dish when getting sales promotion, regard a donkey as large award sent the luckiest person that buy a house. Be for try to gain surround the person that watch to laugh? Be to beg resounding effect? Still be like development business place to say really, sell a house " all tricks have been exhausted " , don't have other way?

   Buy a building to win a car

Recently, the building that one estate company of Chongqing city develops to its on each big media newspaper dish release advertisement to say, the client that buy a house has an opportunity to win a car, will attract the person that buy a house with this.

   Lou Panan accuses make it " order for arrest "

Receive suddenly write the order for arrest that has son full name, old lady of many years old 60 faints on the spot, the cerebral haemorrhage illness of her old partner is aggravating. Wait for delay to come over god, they discover, this is the advertisement of carry out building of an estate company, let a son recommend the wealthy person all round to buy a house, recommend a success to reward 2000 yuan electric home appliances   The house sells two to make work together not simply

90/70 policy is promulgated carry out already two years, the building that Dongguan is making work at present dish after be being carried out for policy mostly, develop. Latter, many buildings dish appeared the village inside in small family house get through is amalgamative the case that makes a big house sell, appear thereby " one room two card " phenomenon.

   Buy a room to run university of key of registered permanent residence need not anxious
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