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The whole world is the strangest 10 old hotel (group plan)
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This world was full of everywhere various strange place, so certain little also not strange hotel cough up! You may be in place impossibly through any ways of first-class hotel recommend similar hotel is found on the website, because they are not of for common traveler preparation.

   Florida city, marine hotel of Jules Undersea Lodge

It is the unique marine hotel on the world allegedly (Jules' Undersea Lodge) , every room sets video recorders, air conditioning, hot water, still phreatic water trains course, insufficient is to do not have a swimming-pool. The friend that love has is not afraid, although be in underwater, little also not rich food and beverage. This one mangrove habitat that is located in the tropics that be in in water before study a lab, the guest should dive with respirator 21 feet ability arrives at the hall. Here can receive 6 visitors, and every room installs available air air conditioning, the room has a 42 inches window to be able to see marine prospect. Dining room has clerk of custom-made mermaid men and women.

   Chinese Qingdao, hydropalace

Chinese Qingdao Hydropalace predicts to was opened 2009, the guest will arrive 16 arrive in 20 meters sea floor the houseboat hotel of anchor. Of flatlet order and degree is higher than hotel of 5 stars class. Average room is to be in other the price of hotel of 5 stars class.

   Canadian Quebec, glacial hotel

Putting hotel on the ice is the snow that uses 15000 pounds and the ice of 500 pounds new overhaul builds, share 34 rooms and bethel of a little ice, two gallery and room of an outdoor activity. The indoor temperature of hotel is in Fahrenheit 23 go to 28 degrees, the bed puts vulture on the ice, fortunately, the bathroom is set heat establishment. Hotel arrives from January April is open.

   New York, block Sa Bulan to block hotel
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