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Zhang Weijian and warmth of Zhang Qian Beijing love mew
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Zhang Qian and lean close to of Zhang Weijian sweetness

Is the Wei Xiaobao with that ancient clever odd choice right finally who has a special liking? Newly-married before long Zhang Qian opens wide a gate solely to this print, let us see the love mew of she and Zhang Weijian.

Part sitting room and bedroom area, be alizarin red alizarin red of original creation " one shade deep and remote dream " .

Walk into Home Zhang Qian the collocation that the first feeling is color is very comfortable, "My what color likes, because I am a happy person. " Zhang Qian say.

Before going up personally, Zhang Qian opens the lamp, crystal laser head portrait of Zhang Weijian was laughing to turn to rise then, imprinting above " With Love, dicky " Dicky, it is English name of Zhang Weijian.

Zhang Qian's home is not large, also cannot say is what style after all, but the special warmth that decorate, look unusual style. So the pattern of two house, just let Zhang Qian be become to get through open wide type, the house is not big, toilet is sufficient however have 10 meters.

"That is me the place with beautiful most idea, floor wall drew big price, but two wash his hands the pool spent 400 only in all, stage of custom-built 2 archaize pool also just 300 money, look nevertheless very costly Oh, li Huizhen admires the good friend that invites me unceasingly. " smilingly ground says Zhang Qian.

Zhang Qian and beloved " handkerchief she ah "

Look, zhang Qian seems to have only 20 years old like, but she maternity is dye-in-the-wood all the time for company " big daughter " " handkerchief her ah " all sorts of exercise are done in house, that is sheperd dog of a Scotland, 40 jins weight looks very fearsome, actually very obedient, courage is especially small also, person of general nevertheless unwitting always is met by its outside place becloud, so occasionally " handkerchief she ah " also be called " be afraid of her ah " .

The kitchen of Home Zhang Qian also opens wide type, but have a meal at ordinary times, moment of her great majority is to go to the mom home around. When crossing Zhang Weijian to be in Beijing, this young woman meets Zhang Qian show off one's skill, suffer what Zhang Weijian praises to boil soft-shelled turtle for instance, although do not have the level of restaurant, for the word that uses Zhang Weijian, namely " tasted feeling is different, restaurant is to eat on ' dish ' , and the thing that has Zhang Qian to boil is to eat ' feeling ' . "
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