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Feng Lun explodes makings: Wang Shi to fulfill contribution friend lends affirma
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Wang Shi encounters the netizen's censure, be equivalent to the problem that Ma Yinjiu encounters confidential be prosecutioned to expend, why? Because Wang Shi resembles Ma Yinjiu,be to have squeamish actually to oneself euqally, but the result is Ma Yinjiu is sued to be corrupt corrupt however, ma Yinjiu lifetime is clean-fingered, and he donated confidential fee, but when submitting an expense account the likelihood has bit of accident on formalities, the result is sued to have an insatiable desire for corrupt, president of within an inch of should not go up, should go up as a result, this thing stopped.

10 thousand divisions also were announced, wang Shi the income after legal duty of these 5 years 19 million, before the earthquake he has been contributed go out 12 million, and he himself does not know however. This individual sees Wang Shi he does good person good work, he does good person good work with respect to love! Did did, he also did not say. As a result you calculate, 10 thousand divisions are the residential company with the biggest whole world, last year 1.5 times the market prise of year end is market prise of company of before the United States 3 big houses, a person from do poineering work pennilessly, did the residential company with a the biggest whole world, his income of a year 100 much, this is true recapture home. 7 million what remain namely additionally, he affirmatory contribute piece one, 2 million. affirmatory later, because he predicts to a few other income did not arrive, as a result he does not have money again, he donated a few money with respect to the money that lends a friend. How return later? Because there is an accident in the home,be, compensate of last insurance company some of money, the result takes this money to give still went up.

That is to say Wang Shi follows Ma Yinjiu same, he is a sage completely, or at least I think he leaves a sage very close. Go up in this shareholder plenary meeting of course, a moment ago I tell have a few he has been announced went out, at that time one account just discovers, 2/3 contributed.

I ask a question, how do you want Chinese entrepreneur to still be done? Do you think Wang Shi should does a month take 1000 money? Are you touched for him? And when everybody has pair of his misunderstanding, he does not have redo explanation, apologize namely, and go to the spot, persuade partner to increase contribution finally. Do you think China still can have better than him entrepreneur? You tell me, which can you accomplish a bit? Assuming is you, are you met so apologize? 5 times apology, finally is termless apology, can you accomplish such apology?

Why does Wang Shi persuade partner to contribute, do not have money because of his individual, not be he was not contributed, be returned so that get along in his home, he does not have money, he promises to go out contribution is to borrowed the friend's money to fulfil a promise. After persuading partner, he himself reachs spot providing disaster relief, it is all the time there do sth over and over again.
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