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Xie Cuicui casts 30 million buy two a person of extraordinary powers to sell tod
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Xie Cuicui will buy two big a person of extraordinary powers repeatedly in June curtilage, have so much money suddenly, can't help making life doubt
Xie Cuicui at a week of time in this year May internal competition west lake buys two value to close repeatedly in all 31 million yuan unit, she claims at that time a person of extraordinary powers is to live oneself curtilage, should give family an a bed of down. The thing separates 3 months, xie Cuicui sells successfully among them an unit, account face gains profit 1 million yuan. Emerald green emerald green purchase two a person of extraordinary powers ever divulged two units also are in when the unit curtilage for the paragraph, she wants reason to receive an activity hard to make money more for the building. Had recently because negative news is hidden by wireless snow,pass her, concerned job also pauses, do not have a law to make money, is because was this affected,sealed meeting denied emerald green offer building a major programme of lasting importance emerald greenly and sell a building to reduce a burden? Still taste benefit to earn leave less less? The reporter calls Xie Cuicui yesterday, but fail on contact.

Xie Cuicui surpasses west lake edifice at will be being purchased with 14.9 million yuan on May 15 room of B of a high level, area 1260 呎 , 3 rooms suite is removed, add worker room. On May 22, she purchases large building of contest west lake with 16.1 million yuan room of A of 2 low layers, area 1490 呎 . Today the unit of second work off is room of B of a high level, with 15.9 million yuan of work off, 呎 price 12619 yuan; Xie Cuicui manages money 3 months, gain profit 1 million yuan, property appreciates 6.7% . Have pass Xie Cuicui hold the unit of contest west lake with another bigger area also will wait for a good price to sell.

   June suddenly riches and honour

Xie Cuicui buys 30 million a person of extraordinary powers curtilage message in June exposure, suddenly riches and honour becomes a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the identity of goodwife makes her offend on many dispute. Explode oneself by her in the stock investment gains profit buy a building, her fortune origin also offends hostage doubt, be sealed with " harbor elder sister god " substantial fleer. Emerald green emerald green did not understand idle word, representing buy industry is her dream, she can continue to build the individual's kingdom. She discloses buy a building to pay only head period, make with amount of word of every months of 5 digit for the paragraph, decorate a respect the meeting is brief, the budget spends 6 digit word (have a story she was spent 1.8 million decorate charge) , want parental a bed of down. After buying a building, she sees furniture again and again, at every turn kisses force to be in person. Emerald green emerald green parents also comes in and go out in contest west lake, to Zhong Cuicui also will move a person of extraordinary powers in August curtilage, the old furniture that connects old building and electric equipment also move new house to continue to use. She prepares the unit that decorated two months meticulously to sell suddenly, sealed emerald green emerald green should reduce the burden that offer a building, have investment a major programme of lasting importance additionally still. (Editor: Mimosa)
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