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Guo brilliant brilliant says Huo Qigang is motivation is denied receive 100 mill
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Guo brilliant brilliant yesterday be a guest " the interview records Yang Lan " , male friendly Huo Qigang goes to easy refer Huo Zhenting of contest of view of water cubic metre, male friendly father awards prize for her wait for a topic. Guo brilliant brilliant denied suddenly home to send siheyun of price of 100 million yuan of days the hearsay when betrothal gift, make known his position to say to after retiring, won't be encircled into recreation.

When Guo brilliant brilliant plays Olympic Games game, the male friendly Huo Qigang of rich and powerful family of one's previous experience is present cheer for her. Guo brilliant brilliant says this lets her feel power, "I feel he is in is one kind is encouraged, a kind of motivation, let me be behaved better " . Prepare for war in the process of the Olympic Games, ceng Chuan gives Guo brilliant brilliant to be pregnant the message that quits game, guo brilliant brilliant says frankly very angry: "Obviously I everyday risk one's life spells alive training, whats do not know those people, still say some of very irresponsible word by, I am very angry of course. "

Guo brilliant brilliant does not lose people's expectations to be picked Olympic Games gold, the grandpa Huo Zhenting that what award prize to her is her future. Guo brilliant brilliant says she is very open-eyed also at that time, she did not tell before Huo Zhenting, it is to think her a surprise.

The siheyun that the hearsay weighs 100 million yuan to suddenly home sent Guo Jing brilliant value makes betrothal gift, guo brilliant brilliant refutes a rumor say: "Knowing is the message that comes out from where. "

To retiring the life after plans, guo brilliant brilliant says to won't do full-time wife for certain, "Want the job at least, a woman must have the job, the meeting is very otherwise dull. I also had not wanted to want to enter perform art circle, I feel I do not suit, be overcome the sort of life " .

Guo brilliant brilliant says he won't leave diving field, "I besides diving what won't, my time of 20 years uses diving, the life in water makes me very happy " .

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