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Individual credence by pilfer " loan " buy a house to bother but big!
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Had not bought a room how to can loan is in personally

Make a gentleman wanted to pass the means that mortgages loan to buy a house recently, show through inquiring database of base of individual credit information however, triplet already was dealt with to buy a room to mortgage loan before making a gentleman, make a gentleman feel water of a mist to this, because before be, he never has been dealt with any buying the room mortgages loan. After the loan bank that visited a few family letters to show with the record, make gentleman the accused know, appear such circumstance, the credit record overlay that is the person that borrow money him with another as a result of individual credit system is brought about together. Final, give in the bank made a gentleman issue proof letter, after proving its had not dealt with afore-mentioned mortgaging to borrow money, make a gentleman just be dealt with buy a room to mortgage loan.

With make gentleman photograph compare, the thing that Mr Zhang that Xinjiang Yi plows encounters is odder. His individual credence record shows he has brushstroke the loan buying a house of one, and in fact he had not handled this loan at all. The course is found out further, the village of house of a commodity that Mr Zhang discovers to this loan that buy a house records shows house to be located in Urumqi, but the doorplate number that this village records an indication building without loan however. When just when Mr Zhang prepares to entrust lawyer and loan bank,be being contacted, be informed to concern loan to already remanded entirely however, and a house property that what still borrow is Urumqi city develops a company. Although loan already was paid off, but from this and caused problem did not end, this matter already brought very big trouble to Mr Zhang life.

   The lawyer is commented on

  Not because of " credit " incur loss through delay invests an opportunity

To making gentleman and the lot of Mr Zhang, the lawyer thinks, current society, credit already became the intangible assets of everybody, but our country still is not perfected to the relevant provision of individual credence at present, the presence of individual credence record that causes a citizen from this resembles making a gentleman in that way by wrong account, perhaps resemble the possibility that Mr Zhang is embezzled by other in that way. And once appear afore-mentioned problems, certainly will will cause a series of losses such as time cost, needless expenditure to the individual, accordingly, the lawyer suggests those exist borrow money or the investor of financing demand, portable oneself effective identity document, head for branch of each district of Chinese people bank, whether is the individual credence record that examines oneself put in the problem, borrow money with avoiding to be being dealt with or when financing item, in case because credit records occurrence problem and the individual unawares, incur loss through delay invests an opportunity.
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