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Ancient time of the Beijing that uncover secret " red-light district " 8 big all
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Ancient time of the Beijing that uncover secret " red-light district " 8 big alley
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Alley of these 8 streets, however big boom is taken outside front door of generally refer to, because be in the alley besides alley of these 8 streets, return bagnio of size of distributinging move close a hunderd schools. Just in those days, the bagnio of these 8 alley is first-class and second-class more, of the hooter " class " taller also, ability is so so well-known.

The bagnio of old Beijing city assigns a certain number of grade. The earliest bagnio distributings inside city, it is government-owned prostitute more. Show way of Dong Sina ave east have a few alley, ever was the seat of prostitute of Ming Dynasty official, if perform happy alley, it is the place of play music of exercise of government-owned prostitute band.

Street of internal affairs ministry makes tick off column alley when bright Qing Dynasty, helping baluster up to sing for a living is deduced and come by hooter and actor. Later " tick off column " the another name that makes stew. Period of bright Qing Dynasty, become an officer with rich drink the hooter wants to accompany wine, play music when the banquet, sing, be called " make a brief informal note " , in hooter one party, cry " give a brief informal note " .

100 suitable alley

Arrived clear minor details civilian first, bagnio basically centers advanced door Wai Street, because here leaves,be inside the city is closer, officials issue city enjoyment to go to the lavatory quite; 2 it is here has a railway station, the fare that north will come to go to south is much; 3 it is front door Wai Street it is the business street with famous capital, quite flourishing; 4 it is the concentration that this one belt is play garden, cafes, wine shop the ground, idle away in seeking pleasure, can become an organic whole oneself.

According to the data of a statistic of 30 time end, at that time " 8 big alley " the bagnio that enters allow that register to do business amounts to 117, the hooter has 750 much people, this is formal only " hang out one's shingle " , still do not calculate " wild prostitute " and " unlicensed prostitute " .

The hooter cent of old Beijing is " south class " with " boreal class " two kinds, generally speaking, "South class " the hooter basically is the woman that Changjiang Delta takes, class is a few higher, not only coloured, and have ability. What such hooter accompanies is the dignitary that amount to an official more, if capital name prostitute surpasses golden flower, small Feng Xian,wait. "Boreal class " the hooter is given priority to with the woman of boreal area with the Yellow River, appearance is good, but artistic appreciation is a few poorer. "8 big alley " hooter with " south class " be in the majority, reason is more one, second-class bagnio. And the bagnio of other area, great majority is " boreal class " . Mix in capital secure an official position at that time the person that be in business is southern more, accordingly, "8 big alley " the boundary of a piece of land that makes these VIPs often come in and go out.
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