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See Guangzhou buy room popular feeling to think of them to be able to be in " 11
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   1. buys marriage house for the son

Became in some government sector a few years the authority father's younger brother of a member of an administrative section is local born and bred often close on the west. The ancestor house of their home is taken in dragon ferry road originally, go up century at the beginning of 90 time when, unit of authority father's younger brother divides welfare room, the family is moved into the stair building near Home Chen ancestral temple, live nearby 20 years. This year the beginning of the year, the son of authority father's younger brother takes a girlfriend to come home see parents, a form of address for a man about one's father's age allowing right is old two readily take the opportunity to close not approach mouth. But the trouble of authority father's younger brother also subsequently and come: The room that they lived in nearly 20 years changes a room very shabby already, have two rooms only, and Quan Shuyi lives together with farther-in-law mother-in-law continuously, after the son grows up, live in the balcony all the time " cubby " in. Son's wife is married in old building apparent impossible, besides old little if 3 generation live together, in the future the family is contradictory also won't little.

Consideration repeatedly hind, son of side of decision of authority father's younger brother buys a Xiaofang child make marriage room. Attend each other for convenient family, authority father's younger brother is the target lock of son bridal chamber surely near old building, the hope is best can take the Xiaofang that looks for a two bedrooms in Home Chen ancestral temple. "We are in Home Chen ancestral temple here lived fast 20 years, live give feeling to come! Say here has subway station again, son and ' accurate daughter-in-law ' go to work in the Milky way, meet back and forth by subway very convenient. "

From this year " 51 " begin, every arrive on the weekend, authority father's younger brother is pulling an old partner to see a building everywhere. Stroll around oneself at ordinary times, see have construction site, before also can going up, authority father's younger brother goes to understanding can building what building after all. A few months come down, authority father's younger brother saw the new building of Li bay, more beautiful area almost, but did not move all the time.

"Everybody says house price is in fall, but I feel present price is too expensive still! In the house near Home Chen ancestral temple, every square metre wants 967, it is the two rooms of 70 much square metre, calculate come down to also want 1.2 million yuan or so, which are canned afford! Fragrant village there I had looked, it is a little cheap, but from our home too far. " mention the course seeing a building of this wh what month, authority father's younger brother is a bit helpless.

The son of authority father's younger brother prepares to be in around is engaged mid-autumn, hold wedding next year. Considering new building is period building more, half an year wants to just can reach a floor one year even at least normally after be being bought, the demand buying a house of authority father's younger brother is increasingly pressing. "There is new building to be pushed again near our home recently, but the price or disadvantageous appropriate. Hear will begin favourable meeting September increasing, I prepare when look again before National Day, be like what can have encountered really if really, the key is the price is similar, I was about to buy for certain! "
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