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"Honour " " a person of extraordinary powers " " very " wait for Zhengzhou estat
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Extremely use up advertisement of exaggerated house property " slick way " in Zhengzhou city be rebuffed, nearly 3 months came to Zhengzhou city be investigated 60 cases early or late violate the development business advertisement with compasses severe case, it is to involve more among them come with exaggerated, false content the person that misdirect buys a house.

According to what will begin to carry out on May 30 this year " administration of ad of Zhengzhou city estate implements measure " , when development business releases estate advertisement, forbidden appear the false, exaggerated, content that waits for property of con, deceit vaguely, use for instance the first, exclusive, head the home, unique, honour, extremely, the term of the exaggerated description such as a person of extraordinary powers, top, use flourishing shop, name dish, the gold a sector of an area term that describes the position vaguely. Contrast new regulation, local majority developed business to undertake rectifying and reform to violating compasses advertisement, but still a few develop business persist one's old ways.

Up to now, office of government of ad of Zhengzhou city estate already was opposite 60 cases advertisement content violates compasses condition serious development business make known to lower levels rectify and reform an announcement, to 3 development that did not rectify and reform inside formulary date business undertook fair show, exposure, these 3 enterprises and project are Henan couplet respectively China buy course of study the Zheng Hongshan project of limited company, Henan course of study of buy of An Lianrui abundant the · installing couplet of limited company Jin An estate develops 11 kilometers project, Henan the Jin An of golden peak · of limited company international project.

Advertisement of Zhengzhou city estate runs customer of office controller clew, if discover advertisement of house property trade appears of all kinds violate compasses condition, can dial complain a phone to undertake complaining, execute the law personnel will be seasonable investigation, processing.

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