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Alleviate capital is thirsty 7 landed companies plan to issue 17.5 billion deben
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Below the situation that is critical in catenary of estate market fund, room look forward to begins to search capital to see tired good plan.

This week, boreal celestial bodies is industrial those who issue " debt of 08 north celestial bodies " will land 2 class market, and before this, the treasure in new lake issued 1.4 billion yuan of debenture with 4.3 billion yuan respectively with the real estate that protect interest. According to statistic, go oneself the end of the year up to now, have the real estate that protect interest, 10 thousand divisions, Jindeji early or late round, medium celestial bodies of the treasure in grain real estate, new lake, north is industrial wait for 6 estate to appear on the market the company started bond financing to plan, the financing amount upper limit of these estate debenture is aggregate achieve 15.7 billion yuan.

Issue debenture not only, below the big setting that tightens up in bank credit, numerous room look forward to cudgel one's brains for: Issue financing of fiducial product, PE, go to harbor to appear on the market, short-term loan of a person of same business... alleviate with all sorts of methods " capital is thirsty " .

News background

Capital catenary tired out

Leasehold annual interest of folk of room look forward to 30%

The macroscopical adjusting control since half an year is much, make estate company is immersed in unprecedented predicament.

Mr Zhang is the sale department chief of some room look forward to, from last year second half of the year up to now, the sale that makes formerly plans by again and again protracted. According to before experience, a building of 100 million dish, landed company throws 30 million yuan at most, the project borrows money 50 million, in addition 20 million through opening to booking capital of can rapid steam again. In memory, building dish 3 months need to be able to come true only when heat sells open to booking outstanding achievement. However, nowadays 1 year fast past, open to booking outstanding achievement to be finished hard tardy however.

Su Xuejing points out the estate analyst of negotiable securities of the Yangtse River, cause the main reason of insecurity of estate fund catenary, because the sale answers paragraph rein in,be, 2 it is the bank examines and approve plan slow down to the loan of room look forward to.

Bank loan is tightened up with spread the depression of building city, cause estate fund tension, and invest an orgnaization to also do not value this industry conversely, bring about financing to send difficulty more, the abidance that increases the stock market is low fan, financing of look forward to allowing a room is extremely difficult.

Introduce according to a personage of know the inside story, estate is right of capital long for had arrived approximately wild room for action, boss of partial room look forward to must appeal at folk leasehold, "Be in folk leasehold in, 70% the left and right sides is estate business, 20% it is medium and small businesses, have partial trade additionally current business. In and other places of Wen Zhou, Zhuhai, be aimed at the monthly interest of civilian leasehold interest rate of estate business 3 minutes two, benefit rolls profit, annual interest is climbed rise 30% ~ 40% the left and right sides. "
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