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The graduate attention that rent a house negotiates aspect of contract hire secu
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Because college graduate just contacted a society, should take care especially especially on the subproblem that rent a house. Choose a room to had better choose choose friends to open convenient, indoor form a complete set the house with more complete, inferior hire. Close hire should notice to talk things over consistent, notice safety even. In addition, sign a contract to want to notice to examine the proof such as the house property card of landlord with landlord, entry should be written clear.

He introduces, at present Guangzhou hires house-owner to want to adopt " two detain are hired " (hand in two months hire to serve as cash pledge, every month pays rent) means, and if rent a house through intermediary,be intermediary commonly each receive hire of bilateral half moon to be commission.

   Choose a room: Tun?00 yuan the following

Because college graduate works to be not stabilized, a few months are faced with the head probably change the job. Because this hires a room to should notice the house is located more first traffic situation of the position, choose to have the subway or the place that public transportation station centers as far as possible, when so that change,working need not move often; the 2nd condition that should treat property, the house; that college graduate chooses home appliance of family property of form a complete set as far as possible the 3rd should see hire, defray of hire of a person had better be controlled in wage income 1/3 the following, can affect life qualitative simple high, press graduate is average now 2500 yuan / month, the individual is assumed 800 having less than is reasonable.

The village that building quality respect had better choose to have government or courtyard, if want to hire the village in the city, need to notice daylighting aerates, the fire prevention of guard against theft room that makes pretty good.

   Close hire:  of Lei of  Xing Shuo

The undergraduate because income is not high, can choose to close hire. But should notice to choose to close hire a boy or girl friend, close with what friend, classmate waits for acquaintanceship as far as possible hire. Close hire each to just want mutual respect, privacy of hands-off the other side.

If stranger closes,hire, college graduate should want to check original of card of graduation of the other side, Id to withhold Xerox, confirm the identity of the other side, know the fundamental condition of the other side.

Safe problem wants to notice, especially the girl, answer to do some of meet an emergency to prepare appropriately, such as tells telephone number good friend, take a friend to come over to look etc. If one roommate decides to go out night not a home to return to, should tell someone else, leave urgent contact telephone number to wait a moment, anyhow has been jumped over in detail more.

Chummage person should assume chummage jointly, of special attention is, close beforehand answers to decide before hiring the apportion scale to charge, best and of all kinds expense is executed " AA " make, sign concrete written agreement, ensure avoid in the future talking around controversial issue. Written agreement should include those who be like apportion scale, space to take up, who is in charge of sanitation, of meal problem, guest call in reach put up a guest for the night, reach when to should keep quiet etc.
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